2015 Favourites

StyAnother year goes by in a blink of an eye and a new year begins with a list of new year resolutions – no one can deny having made some. For 2016, I wanted to have the guts to start my very own online blog and work around the clock to turn it into something big. So to join the festivity of the new year I listed down my favorite things, not necessarily items, in 2015.

Starting with clothes; if you are the kind of person who feels cold much more readily than other people, complains about open windows or drafts of cold air then this is the perfect piece of clothing for you: BSK hooded fur trim braided jacket. I bought this a month ago because I needed to wear a jacket other than my everyday waterproof basic black jacket to keep my cold-blood warm. Once I have worn this, I immediately knew that I would not be taking it off any time soon (I was even this close from wearing it at home on a very cold night). I love that it is very thick protecting my body from the cold air, it is very comfy as well and would perfectly go with any winter outfit in my opinion.6086376711_2_5_3

Moving on to the other piece of clothing that I am so happy I finally got is AE long parka jacket. Ever since army green jackets have been a thing and I have been digging them! I have been looking for one since last winter and I have finally found the perfect match for what I had in mind…one winter later haha! It is a loose-fitting jacket with a drawstring at the waist that makes it more form-fitting. I think it is cotton lined, which makes it very soft and very comfy I could literally live in it. The faux fur trim at hood is removable so that is a bonus if you would like to look less casual. If you are the kind of person who falls in love with an item for the wackiest reasons (like myself) you would want to know that this jacket has an inside pocket as well and that the pockets are fleece-lined! Money well spent.download

Now I am no expert when it comes to skincare but I try to take very good care of my skin and treat it as nicely as possible. I got this facial scrub a while ago and I have been enjoying using it ever since. It is the Cyclax Nature Pure Apricot Facial Scrub which you will find in the nearest drugstore. It leaves me with a fresh face feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom. It smells amazing as well (I am actually having my nose inside the tub as I am typing this).nature apricot facial scrub-228x228

This next item really helped me loosen up during stressful times. In the mornings, I put my feet up and eat my breakfast whilst coloring mandalas. I got this Adult Coloring book from Fanen and I have really enjoyed every piece I have colored so far. There are 40 different mandalas in the book which are a series of different patterns that (quoting the salesman) have been put together by experts in stress relief. I love that the paper itself is of high quality and so you can (again quoting the salesman) frame the mandala after finishing it. Also, the last four pages are for advanced coloring skills and I find these really challenging so I am looking forward to finishing all 36 mandalas. On a side note, I have been dared to finish all 40 mandalas before 2017 and I have accepted the challenge (I only have 36.5 mandalas left to color…I can do this).

Last but not least, since I am a movie buff I have to mention my favorite movie of 2015. Although there were such great movies released in 2015, and I am sure so many of you would disagree with me, but my favorite movie in 2015 was The Good Dinosaur (I am a 20-year-old who proudly enjoys watching animated movies, no big deal). Now I thought this would be a light-hearted movie to start the day with whilst enjoying breakfast, but I ended with a pile of used tissues by my side. First, you should know that I am a sucker for sad movies and I tried to fight through the tears during the 90 minutes (because this is not how one is supposed to start his day) but I just couldn’t hold it anymore around minute 80. The movie is mostly sad in an inspiring way and I really did not expect this from what-seemed-like a feel-good movie. I would highly recommend this to my friends and family and I am definitely watching this again sometime later.good-dinosaur-header-620x320

Here here, to a new year…a new round of 365 days…an opportunity to setting a new goal and aiming at it. Aim high! 

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