10 Feel-Good Movies

With everything going on in our life, sometimes one just needs a movie that would make them feel good afterward. Usually, we watch a movie without caring if it has a happy, sad or vague ending. But every now and then, one needs a movie that would lift their spirit up. That is when feel-good movies come in handy!

1) The Way Way Back

It is about a shy boy who goes to a summer vacation with his mother, her arrogant boyfriend and the boyfriend’s daughter. The boy is socially having a hard time fitting in till he stumbles upon a water park, where interesting things happen. Regardless of the storyline or the plot, the movie is full of summer vibes and water slides, so if that alone doesn’t make you feel good, I don’t know what would!


2) About Time

It is an all time favorite movie to me! It is about a guy who by the age of 21 finds out that he can time travel. He uses this gift to find love, right the wrongs and relive precious moments in his life. This is another movie where Rachel McAdams is the wife of a time traveler, but it did not feel boring at all. She was perfect for the role. The movie is simply beautiful!

About Time

3) What’s Your Number?

There is a stupid statistic in a magazine that says if a woman dated 20 lovers or more, she will probably not get married. Anna Faris takes this statistic too seriously, freaks out and comes up with a plan to try to rekindle a spark with any of her ex-lovers, with the help of Chris Evans. It is a lighthearted feel-good RomCom movie that I have watched a couple of times already!


4) Real Steel

This is a movie I have discovered recently and I was surprised by how good it was! The heart and soul of the movie lies in the relationship between Hugh Jackman and his son, and how it strengthens over their shared interest in robot boxing. I am a sucker for family bonding so this movie easily raises my spirit whenever I watch it.


5) Man Up

It is another recent RomCom movie which I enjoyed a lot. It has a new twisted plot to the endless blind dating movies, where Lake Bell by mistake ends up in another girl’s blind date with Simon Pegg. It is a funny and an enjoyable movie, with a touch of a fairytale ending. It leaves you with a smile on your face!


6) Warm Bodies

It is a nice, funny, heartwarming movie about a Zombie who falls in love with a girl. These feelings he experiences throughout the movie help him feel human again. The poster of the movie says it all: He is still dead but he is getting warmer! The movie has a great feel to it from the get-go.


7) Yes Man

Jim Carrey challenges himself to say “Yes” for a whole year that will lead him to an exciting series of events. Most of you watched it anyway, so I am not gonna blabber about it. It is a movie full of positivity! I wish I am brave enough to say “Yes” to anything and everything but, until then, I will just watch the movie and daydream about it.


8) Burlesque

That is a musical you do not want to miss! Both Christina Aguilera and Cher star in this movie. The story is really nothing new but Christina’s powerful voice and Cher’s charismatic personality got me hooked on it! The movie is mainly about Christina’s vocal capabilities, the fabulous costumes and the many choreographies. Every time I watch it, I pity every human being (including myself) who cannot sing like Christina.


9) Hotel Transylvania I

I couldn’t write a list of movies without including an animated one. So there you have it, my current favorite animated movie: Hotel Transylvania. It is about a hotel for monsters only where an overprotective papa Dracula (Adam Sandler) runs it safely, until a teenage boy shows up in his human-free hotel. That is when all the fun and games begin! The storyline is predictable but the entire movie is just fun to watch. Also, you can’t help but dance to the song of the final scene (Adam Sandler killed his verse!).


10) Letters to Juliet

I tried not to include any movie purely romantic, but I just couldn’t resist this one! It is kind of a fairytale movie where a new love is born and an old love is rekindled. The whole movie is about an old woman trying to find her one and only true love after 50 years of losing contact. This turns to a journey full of adventure, laughter and love. I am sure most of you watched it, but it is an all time favorite to me!


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