Small Acts of Kindness

If there is one thing in my life I want to do before I take my last breath, it is to help people notice the little things in life. It is when you start seeing the little things that you begin appreciating the little things and eventually find happiness in them. One way to enjoy the little things is to do small acts of kindness. That way, YOU get to create the little things.

1) Don’t wait for the street to get jammed! Stop the car for pedestrians to cross the street (even if they are not The Beatles haha).


Sometimes when I do so, they smile at me and mouth “Thank You”! It makes me smile knowing I might be one very small reason that their day is slightly brighter. It also makes me think that maybe the few seconds I waited bought them time or, perhaps, bought me time (only God knows). It is a small act of unnoticed kindness.

2) Return the supermarket trolley back to its line after shopping.

I know there is a worker who gets paid to return the trolleys back to its line. But, I think if I return the trolley I was using then I have made the line of trolleys he will push back one trolley lighter (and he wouldn’t know). It is a small act of unnoticed kindness.

3) Don’t wait for the garbage man to clean behind you! Throw your trash yourself.

It makes me sad that there are adults out there who throw their trash in the street on purpose OR leave it for the garbage man to pick up. I try to always set a good example for the people around me (even if no one would notice) and throw my trash myself. For one thing, you’re helping the worker do less trash collecting. For another, you’re helping in keeping the environment clean (obviously). It is a small act of unnoticed kindness.

4) Compliment someone instead of the usual greeting.

I believe that one does hold the power of making someone’s day if they choose to. Whenever there is a chance, I compliment a friend on how they look. It draws a smile on their face, and on mine as well! It is a small act of unnoticed kindness.

5) Buy your friend a chocolate as a Thank You or to lift their spirit up.

A chocolate is the cheapest gift you could get someone. It is also one of the happiest gifts too. Especially since everyone eats a chocolate with joy, so imagine how it would warm their heart…even if it just lasts for a short while. It is a small act of unnoticed kindness.

These are small acts of unnoticed kindness that will make someone’s day slightly easier and your day a little better! It is when you start thinking about someone else that you get in touch with your core self. It is when you get in touch with your core self that you reach a deep sense of inner peace.

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