January, 2016

We are already one month into 2016 (WHAAT, wow)! I feel like it was just a week ago when people were celebrating the New Year all around the world. Where has the time gone?! January has treated me well, this year (not that I remember January 2015 anyway). It was eventful, exciting, challenging and fun.

January started at home, where my brother and I danced to the endless playlist of “Best Hits of 2015” on Spotify. I kept trying to dance like Drake in his Hotline Bling music video, it’s addictive haha. Apparently, a lot of great songs were released last year. It feels weird thinking of 2015 as last year!

January was full of challenges. The biggest challenge of all was starting this online blog. Last December, I got the idea of starting a blog but I never actually planned it. It all happened in a blink of an eye on one sleepless night, the 6th of January. I signed up on WordPress, I designed the logo, I designed the blog and I wrote my first blog post. I did not know, then, when it would be published or how I would run the blog. Everything wasn’t decided on until I woke up on Friday, the 8th of January. On Friday morning, I decided to launch my blog so I shared the news with my Facebook friends. The support I received was surprisingly overwhelming! I have to admit, there were times when I thought of backing down (especially before publishing my first post) but I forced myself to face my worries. To me, it was now or never! Without the support of my loved ones and close friends, I wouldn’t have made it this far. I have spent the rest of the month coming up with blog post ideas, working on a few ones, planning some, setting goals and thinking of ways to turn it into a success. I have plans, expectations and big dreams for the blog. This month, I have managed to publish SEVEN posts! It has been an exciting journey so far. I cannot wait to see where this journey leads to by the end of 2016.

One of the January challenges was watching most of the Oscars-nominated movies before the 28th of February. I wanted to watch the movies, judge them and predict the Oscar winners myself (I sure hope few of my predictions win). I succeeded in doing so in 10 days time (I could have done it in fewer days but I had to sleep)! I enjoyed watching and reviewing every single one of them. I also had the pleasure of discussing these movies with my friends. We reviewed the acting, the stories and the messages they carry. It was exciting to engage in such conversations, especially when most of the Oscar-nominated movies were inspired by true stories.

Alongside staying wrapped up in a blanket watching movies 24/7, January was full of fun too. I got to try out an escape room with my friends for the very first time! I had the most fun I have ever experienced in my life. It has been 3 weeks since I tried out Trapped, and I still cannot get over how enjoyable it was. It was the best way to start off 2016! Read all about our time there here.12637285_971416056284355_1404388818_o

In January, I finally went to dipndip and gave it a try! I haven’t tried many dishes of their menu but I have already decided on my favourite dessert there. It is the Brownies Crepe dessert. Allow me to let you in on a theory of mine: If the chocolate doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth, the chocolate ain’t good. All three kinds of chocolate at dipndip stick to your teeth, tongue and the roof of your mouth. Plus, their plates always look appetizing! On selected plates, the waiter pours the chocolate syrup on the dessert in a very artistic way. *drools at the memory of it* That alone is enough to make your mouth water! This is why dipndip is my current favourite place to head to when I crave Chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth (let’s be real, who doesn’t), then I definitely recommend you this place.12737074_980922792000348_1711729102_o

All in all, I have genuinely enjoyed January. I took my mid-year vacation. I met friends. I tried new restaurants. I did a new fun activity. I started a publicized blog. I watched lots and lots of movies. I had some relaxing days. I enjoyed some family time. I have also discovered that most of the pictures in my phone’s gallery are of my cat, haha!12633135_972770189482275_370289832_o

There is one thing I learned in January and I would like to share it with you; you have to learn how to get yourself out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. Try to face your fears and worries, for through them, you will learn to grow and spread your wings.

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