5 TV Shows that Survived Without their Elena

Last season, one of my favourite shows, The Vampire Diaries, lost its main character, Elena Gilbert, after actress Nina Dobrev chose to move on and explore new endeavors. Some would say that Elena was the heart and soul of the show. She narrated it, she drove it, but some could also say that she held it back. Elena was the center of the infamous love triangle between her and the Salvatore brothers, which might have gotten a little old and worn out, but when she finally figured thing outs, she was put under a curse and coffined for a lifetime.

Fans said the show is as good as dead without Nina, who at some point played three characters simultaneously, which showcased her acting skills, but this season might prove these theories wrong. Between Stefan and Caroline’s blossoming romance and the introduction of new threats in the Heretics, along with some very intriguing flash-forward sequences, the latest season of TVD might actually be an improvement compared to the last couple of years. So, can the show really go on without Elena? It is still too early to tell whether or not they can pull it off, but it has definitely been done before!

Most TV shows have a central focus – its star. If the star leaves, it would be the end of the show, had it become overly dependent on that character, but in some cases, the writers find ways to shift the focus onto different aspects of the show, like with New Girl this season managing Zooey Deschanel’s absence with signing Megan Fox on. While most shows don’t have Megan Fox, let’s take a look at some that managed to go on without their leads.

1) Charmed

I think we all watched this show, probably long before we were age appropriate. Charmed focused on three witch sisters with very active love lives. The Halliwell sisters were not afraid to battle demons, scramble potions, throw spells and go on blind dates. They seemed to have it all, until tragedy strikes. At the end of the third season, Piper and Phoebe lose their older sister Prue.

In real life, Shannen Doherty, the actress who played Prue, had a falling out with Alyssa Milano, who played younger sister Phoebe. The two could not stand one another to the extend that  getting them in the same room was not an easy task. At the end of the third season, Doherty asked the producers to choose between her and Milano, telling them that only one of them can stay, which ended in Prue getting killed off the show and replaced with long lost illegitimate half-sister, Paige for the remaining five seasons.05-charmed

2) Beverly Hills, 90210

Before playing Prue on Charmed, Shannen Doherty gained fame on the original 90210 in the 1990’s for 4 seasons until she had a huge fight with another costar, Jennie Garth who later became the main focus of the show. The tension actually turned into a verbal and physical fight one day on set. The show went on for six seasons after her character was written out as having moved to England. Doherty didn’t return until the 2008 spinoff, 90210 where she reprised her role opposite Garth after the actresses made up and went back to being good friends.90210-group-beverly-hills-90210-6906455-992-468

3) One Tree Hill

Remember OTH?? That show about that group of friends who have all been with one another at some point and never got STD’s! The show’s main character, Lucas Scott, departed the series at the end of the sixth’s season after Chad Michael Murray’s contract was not renewed due to the producers wanting to make budget cuts and he along, with Hilarie Buton, were written out after their characters got married, had a baby and decided to travel the world. Instead, the show focused on the other Scott brother, Nathan along with Brooke and Hailey until it ended after nine seasons on air.one-tree-hill-1

4) Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men in its eighth season for his substance abuse, difficult behavior and derogatory comments about series creator Chuck Lorre. For the remaining four seasons, they filled his spot with Ashton Kutcher for a gazillion dollars, and Charlie’s character was supposedly hit by a train.2-5-men-opening

5) Game of Thrones

Before Game of Thrones was a global phenomenon, the show’s first season was mostly about Ned Stark and his family. We thought that he would be the main protagonist for the remainder of the series, but let’s just say – SPOILER ALERT – a person can’t live when their head it not attached to their body. Since then, Game of Thrones has basically killed 99% of its characters, but Ned Stark was definitely the first real shocker in the Westeros cemetery.ned-stark-game-thrones-season-1


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