Ice Age, Live on Ice!

I need you to imagine this; we’re (my brother and I) 10 minutes late than the stated time of the Ice Age show. We’re rushing from the busy parking lot to the stadium hall where the show is at, only to find ourselves walking on a big blue carpet (like the red Hollywood one) where the blue lights guided us to the hall entrance. There are huge awesome-looking Ice Age banners all over the event, from the main gate to the hall itself. Can you picture it? Yes it was that incredible.

I wanted to stop and see all of the decorations but I couldn’t, we were running late! But just as we were walking up to the hall entrance, we heard Sid himself, announcing that the show will start in 10 minutes (not so late, after all). *phew* So, we wandered around to see all of the banners that I was in awe of, especially because I didn’t think that the place would look like the Ice Age movie premiere!20160209_201023THIS



To be honest, I feared that the Ice Age show would only be enjoyable for kids (I am a 20-year-old, after all). But thank God, I had a whale of a time there! At first, when we finally reached our seats, I was disappointed by how small the ice rink was. But once the show started and we got more into it, my disappointment turned into amusement! The brains behind the show properly exploited what little space they had. As in they used all the cards on the table to make the show lively, interesting and more entertaining. Everything was to perfection; the lights, the graphics on both the background screen and the ice rink, the music, the skating choreographies and the use of props. They even used circular trapezes!

You’ll find a video of this part of the show on my Instagram.


I loved the ideas they incorporated into a kids’ show, Ice Age. At times, I believed I was attending a professional theatrical show. It definitely exceeded my expectations! There was an actual story the whole show was based on, which I think was different from the other stories of the movies. The cast sang, danced and performed. All of the performances got me full of the joys of spring! One of the things I was so fascinated by was (I don’t know how to explain this so bear with me) whenever the skaters came out of their Ice Age costumes to perform a dance routine. There was a part where Diego (the tiger) and some evil eagles acted out a fight using sticks which I enjoyed watching, and hearing the sticks hitting together was somehow engaging. There was another part where Scrat (the male squirrel) and Scratte (the female squirrel) performed a couple skating routine which I loved so much. It was fun to watch; like I wanted to join in with them even if it was a couple’s dance (or if I didn’t know how to dance & skate at the same time haha).20160209_194321THIS

The people on that wooden thing are the skaters out of their costumes, leaving them on the sides as you can see.


Last but not least; for every beginning there is an ending. I didn’t expect a big finale of the show or even a finale in the first place. That was until the following happened…; I was swaying in my seat to the final song of the show in which the whole cast was involved and all the props were used again. It all looked very blue and chilling until THE FIREWORKS AND THE PARTY POPPERS EXPLODED ACROSS THE STADIUM HALL FOR QUITE SOME TIME! I got so confused though, I didn’t know which to watch; the cast, the dance routine, the fireworks or the party poppers. It all looked very exciting, I finally feasted my eyes on the show as a whole! It was the perfect ending to a long day for me.20160209_210054THIS

During the 20-minute break time of the show; while everyone was queuing up at the snacks vendors, we managed to sneak out and take some photos. Now, whenever I go out with my brother alone, I always worry about having to ask a stranger to take a photo of us. And when I succeed in doing so, I then worry that the person doesn’t have an eye for details of a proper photo. So most of the time, I save myself the trouble and just take selfies instead. But this time since I knew I’d be blogging the event, I asked two strangers individually. The first stranger zoomed in on us and he totally ignored the big banner behind us. The other stranger, thankfully, showed both of the banner and us in one photo. I just had to adjust the angles, so it was no big deal. It wasn’t until I was back home that I found out that my brother CLOSED HIS EYES! I officially give up on having a proper photo with him! On a side note, one of the strangers thought that I was my brother’s mum! I do realise that I am older than him by 11 years, but people need to stop assuming that I’m his mother just because I hang out with him alone. I’ve been receiving that comment a lot lately, and I don’t get what the big deal is!IMG_20160209_202537-1

Even though I’m almost 21 years old, a college student and considered a young adult, the inner child inside of me had one of the best nights of her life! Other than the undecided exact seats, the 20-minute late start, the Egyptian habits of attendees and the food-smelling hall (from all the snacks), I had a great time!

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