February, 2016

We are two months into the New Year all ready, but I feel like we’ve been living an extended version of 2015. I guess this is because I didn’t get closure with year 2015. 2015 had a great ending to it and 2016 had a great start to it too, so it feels like both years have been merged together or something.

February was good to me. Earlier in February, I received the most thoughtful gift I could have ever received at the moment. I received it at uni, so I had to wait until I got back home to open the gift. The wrapping was very simple and cute; it was wrapped in a paper gift wrap with a colorful string around it as a final touch up. I was so curious to find out what the gift was, especially since there was no “significant event” to receive a gift for. So as soon as I reached home before I even changed into my pajamas, I quickly took a photo of the wrapping then I tore it apart. My best friend, Lamees, got me a customized planner for my blog! It has my blog’s name on its front cover. I have been planning everything related to my blog in that planner ever since; posts, ideas, goals…etc. It is, honestly, one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. She ordered it on the same day I launched my blog. Isn’t she the bestest best friend in the world or what?!12787618_991360304289930_954561301_o

In case you’re interested, you can customise your own planner (and other products) at Imprint Studio.

One of the highlights of this month was attending the Ice Age Live on Ice show that took Cairo by storm! Before the show, I was basically excited for the ice skating part which turned out to be very enjoyable. But to my surprise, the show itself was equally as great. The little girl in me had a whale of a time that night! I am even going to a similar event soon (YAY). Read all about my time at the Ice Age show here.20160209_203108THISSS

I, Nour, usually stick to the restaurants that I ate at before. As I said before, I cannot bring myself to risk it with food. But this month, I decided to take pot luck and tried Indian food for the first time ever at Maharani. The food was incredibly delicious! *my mouth is watering at the memory of it* I’d do anything right now to have a bite again of the chicken I ordered. Read my detailed review about Maharani’s Indian food here12755070_988372334588727_1307495073_o

February is the month of the Oscars! I was never able to watch the ceremony live, ever. I always fell asleep before the red carpet even finished. This year though, I planned it ahead. I went to bed early, I compensated a class (which took place whilst the ceremony was still running) a day before the event, and I planned a ride to uni instead of taking the bus just to watch the full Oscars ceremony. I was so worried I wasn’t going to wake up for the Oscars that I woke up in the middle of the night about four times, although I had already set like 3 alarms (which is not how I usually roll). So, finally being able to watch the whole ceremony was an accomplishment to me (I’m serious). I was on the edge of my seat with every winner they announced, the whole time! It was so fun to see how many of my predictions for the Oscar winners were true.

February was also a stressful month for me. I started the spring semester as the other universities started their mid-year vacation. Three weeks into it and I already got into the weekly quizzes and assignments. My midterm exams are even starting next week! (Why so quick?) It took me four weeks to physically and mentally force myself to actually study for my quizzes. By the time I finally succeeded in doing so, it was too stressful to manage between my studies, my blog, my social life and my private/quality time so I broke down. I had a whole bad week where I avoided any kind of communication in real life, I was weird and sleep-deprived. The only great thing about that week was when I got into bed at the end of each day. Actually, that applies to the whole month as well.

A month ago, I set a first big goal for my blog, and I started working on achieving it. I am so happy to say that I am almost there, and I will tell you all about it shortly. Two exciting news will be revealed very soon *jumps for joy*. To be honest, I thought it would take me months to reach this goal, so having it happen earlier than I expected is cheerfully crazy. Like I said before, I don’t know what to expect from my blog, but I am very excited to find out.

One thing I learned the importance of in February is Friends. My friends made this month for me much better than it would have been if they weren’t around. They helped me get through that horrible week, even when I just sat there and avoided any kind of conversation. Just sitting in their company, hearing their stupid jokes and loud laughs is cheerful. I am just happy to be around them. Also, going on mini adventures with them is what I will be speaking about for years and years. How we, 8 people, fit into one car is crazy. Our car rides are always fun. Our times at uni are always fun. Even our WhatsApp conversations are fun. Everything with them is always fun. So considering that I avoided any kind of friendship when I was a freshman and now I have them, 7 amazing people, is something I am thankful for. Find your own 7 amazing people that will make every day enjoyable.12787389_991025734323387_922521441_o

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