Pamper Your Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and my gift couldn’t be more far away from the corner (sorry mum if you’re reading this). Every year I say to myself that I will save some money from my allowance to later buy gifts for mum, but it is all spent on food instead (happy tummy = happy Nour). But that is not an issue, I believe. I always try to find another gift that requires little or no money at all. Although my mum is not a big fan of sentimental gifts, she really liked the ones I got her the previous years (I think…)

For this Mother’s Day I decided to literally dedicate a whole day to my mum. I decided to pamper her for the whole day. So if you are as broke as I am (there is no shame in that), or you want to do something sentimental for a change, you can use my idea or even get inspired to do something more amazing. I have some ideas in mind and I googled some too. So here is a list of ways to pamper your mum:

1) Breakfast in Bed.
No one can ever say no to having breakfast in bed. Not even the clean-freaks who fear crumbs in places they shouldn’t be. So wake up early before your mum and prepare breakfast. Prepare her favourite breakfast meal with juice and fruits on the side. It would be great if you can represent the food nicely on the tray. If you wish, you can write down a sweet note to her. This combo will definitely make your mum smile!1d6c3b1b8ea2595317a3ab74d6cea111

2) Don’t let your mum pick up a single dish!
Any mum would love nothing more than to have one day off from all the house chores; from cleaning to cooking to looking after her kids. So grant your mum that wish! Tell her not to worry about any of the household chores for that day and let her rest. You do the cooking, cleaning and any kind of chores. If you have any young siblings, help them with their homework too. In a nutshell, be the housewife for a day instead of your mum.

3) Prepare a Bath.
Before you start taking care of the house chores, make your mum busy. Prepare a nice bath for your mum by using the most luxurious bath bomb or bubble bar you have. In case you don’t have any of that, you can use the first shower gel you see in the bathroom. It will certainly do the job! She won’t notice the difference. It would be lovely if you also light a few candles, place them beside the bathtub and turn off the lights. The general atmosphere would be more chilling and sedating. (I even feel relaxed just by typing this haha)

4) Build a movie theatre at home.
Is there anything nicer to do after a relaxing bath than watching a good movie? I don’t think so. So here is what you can do: you can either play your mum’s favourite movie or pick a feel-good movie for her to watch. Plug the laptop into the television so she can watch the movie with a more enjoyable viewing. Turn the lights off and serve her popcorn mid-movie.

5) Cook lunch.
You don’t have to be a good cook for you to prepare a whole lunch meal. If you ask for the recipe and do everything as stated then the meal will turn out as yummy as it should be. Your mum will appreciate it anyway. Prepare your mum’s favourite food for lunch and you will not only make her happy, but her tummy as well.

6) Dessert time!
Surprise your mum by getting her favourite dessert for her taste buds to enjoy after lunch. Or if you’re short on money, make her any home-made dessert and her taste buds will love it still.

7) DIY gift.
There are so many ideas you can do to make a DIY gift for your mum. The simplest gift of all is making her a big gift card; get a wall chart, fold it in half, write a few nice lines inside it and decorate it from the outside. Or you can create a video; insert your favourite photos together, some quotes and some words of your own. Or you can write a long heartfelt letter. You can also make a note jar; where you write small notes about memories, situations, something you love about your mum…etc, and put them in a decorated jar. These are some DIY ideas that I can think of at the moment. Get inspired by them, google some more and get creative.a67f295228590842a543f3eebc3a3815

8) Quiet time!
After a whole day of being pampered, your mum will be mentally ready to call it a day. So just before she goes to bed, change the bed sheets. I believe one of the ways to have a great sleep is to change the bed sheets just before getting into bed. So do that and sprinkle some perfumed powdered talc over the bed. (I do the talc thing almost every day and it helps me fall asleep faster) Then kiss your mum good night and tell her you love her. It will make her happy.

I am one of the few people who believe that happiness doesn’t completely depend on money. These ideas won’t cost you money, but they will cost you some effort. So whether the outcome of that effort was a success or a fail, your mum will appreciate it anyway. Your mum will love nothing more than to be showered with love and spoiled by her child. She will feel valuable knowing you have dedicated a whole day just for her pleasure. So plan that day ahead and make her Mother’s Day the best yet.

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