The Waterway Compound Opening

Before I get into details about the opening, I’d like to thank Muhammed Hazem for inviting us along to this lovely event. For those of you who don’t know who he is, Muhammed is the Social Media and Community Manager at elmenus. He is a food critic so he reviews restaurants; their atmosphere, their service, their food and how it is presented. He gets to attend food events and participate in food competitions as well. In a nutshell, his whole world revolves around food.

As I mentioned above, on Saturday, the 12 of March, my friends and I were invited to the grand opening of The Waterway compound. It is a residential and commercial compound that is located in New Cairo. I personally love the exterior design of the buildings. It looks very promising as the kind of compound they are aiming at it to be. It hosts a number of food services like Tamara, Mori Sushi, Mince, Crave, Cold Stone…etc.20160312_164843.jpg


The event was very entertaining; both to ourselves and to our tummies. The music was on and loud the whole time. Somehow, my mood changed with every song they played. One minute it was pop music the next minute it was a classic violin piece. I was swaying to the tune anyway. The weather was kind of sunny and breezy. So with that kind of weather, it sometimes felt like I was attending an event on the beach. (I miss the summer!) There were entertainers everywhere; from clowns to singers to even a rhythmic gymnastic. I probably spent too much time watching this gymnastic. I was amazed by how she moved her hoop so easily and smoothly all around the upper part of her body. So even though it was a crowded event, I was entertained by the general atmosphere. 20160312_163606
Our tummies were also entertained by the amount of delicious food that got inside, haha. Because we were Muhammed’s guests, we were invited to try out the food at all the restaurants there. But because we are only humans with tummies of a limited stretching ability, we were only able to try out three restaurants. The first restaurant we tried out was Tamara Lebanese Bistro. The first time I’ve eaten at Tamara was two years ago, and it has been my number one favourite restaurant ever since. They literally make the best Shawerma I have ever tried in my life! They served us so many dishes, plates and drinks. Everything tasted so delicious that my tummy and I were on cloud nine the whole time!12809822_1002164259876201_1712060687_o

The second restaurant we went to was Mince Burgers. They served us french fries, potato wedges, mozarilla sticks, a variety of burger sandwiches and drinks. I really liked the burger which was soaked in cheese. They have a variety of drinks which I haven’t tried or heard of before then; Minty Watermelon, The Green Goblin and some white coconutty drink. They were surely refreshing and new to my taste buds. We also got to try their famous dessert Elvis French Toast. It was yummy!

The third and last restaurant we ate at was Mori Sushi. There was literally a whole buffet of all kinds of sushi and their dipping sauces as well. I bet all the sushi lovers there, at the moment, didn’t wish for anything more in life.20160312_155849.jpg

The Waterway compound grand opening was well organised and very entertaining. We all had a great time there. It was the first time for me to attend an opening for something big. It was the first time for me to join along with Muhammed whilst reviewing restaurants. It was the first time for me to try Sushi. It was the first time for me to ask someone (a Nola Cupcake vendor) to take a photo of him. It was the first time for me to (kind of) take a red carpet photo. It was the first time for me to see Hana Shiha in real life (she is very pretty off-screen by the way). It was the first time for me to see some well-known twitter people outside the laptop’s screen. It was also the first time for me to see quite a few fashion bloggers. So we can conclude that there were a lot of firsts achieved in this event, haha. Cheers!12873516_1000539633371997_738271402_o

(Credit goes to Muhammed Hazem for these mouthwatering photos)

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