Journalize your Day, for 30 days! (part I)

Because the 31-Day Happiness Challenge was a success and fun to do, I wanted to do another challenge. I came up with one where I write down at least one positive thing that happened in my day for 30 days. The point of this challenge is to realise the joy and little blessings in your otherwise typical and normal life. Believe me, it will help you embrace life and its many downs with a calmer happier heart.

Day 1 (14/2/2016): Today is Valentine’s Day. I don’t celebrate it because I hate to think that people only express their love on this one single day. I like to watch all the romantic movies that air on TV, though haha. Anyway, today was a great day. I had one of the most refreshing talks with a friend who inspired me to write that post. You know that friend who you can talk to about whatever and you end up having one of the most meaningful conversations you have ever had? Yeah, that was that.
Fun fact: my cat was actually born on Valentine’s Day. Today he turned three years old! God bless him. *showers Crunshy with cuddles and kisses until he squeezes himself out of my embrace*

Day 2 (15/2/2016): Today might have been the longest day I’ve ever had since the start of 2016. I had the busiest day ever at university; I had running classes from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm and then a meeting from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. I had to get through this day whilst having the strongest headache ever and a sore throat. I was grumpy at times and okay at times. I couldn’t have been able to get through the day if it wasn’t for my friends, though. So here is to my friends for making my days memorable and valuable no matter what!

Day 3 (16/2/2016): I’m one month into the spring semester so we started taking quizzes, submitting assignments and doing projects. I’m already not getting enough sleep; staying up late and waking up early. Plus, I haven’t been feeling well the past couple of days. Can you imagine how I feel at the moment?! *pats self on the back* So, I decided to skip a class and go home early. The highlights of my day were having one of mum’s signature meals for lunch, two bowls of fruit salad and a 3-hour long nap. Considering that I’m not the kind of person who usually naps, that was a pretty long nap for me. You know that feeling when you stretch in bed just before you sleep, close your heavy eyes and breathe? That was all I needed today.

Day 4 (17/2/2016): I’m a fundraising member at The Insider GUC. Today I had to do the first challenging task of many to come which was calling a sponsor to try to set up a business meeting, for the first time ever. I had to be convincing enough for the manager on the other end of the line to take me seriously. I prepared some mental notes, took a deep breath and dialled the number. Thank God, the call went smoothly so hopefully things will work out eventually. During the phone call though, my heart was in my mouth, my breathing was irregular and so my voice sounded weird. I was asked to record the phone call so I listened to it afterwards. I was shocked (and pleased) to find out that I sounded completely normal and almost relaxed! So apparently it is true what they say, that it is all in our head; the fear and the nerves. Once you decide not to let your nerves control you (even if you believe they already do), you will do fine in whichever situation. So lesson of the day: Don’t make yourself believe that you were a nervous wreck because you weren’t. Am I making any sense?

Day 5 (18/2/2016): Today I tried Indian food for the first time ever and I loved it! The food was delicious. I enjoyed my time with my friends, as usual. Our outings are always full of laughter and weird adventures from the time we meet till we go home. Such times are definitely going to be missed after graduation. At night, I went out with mum and we had dipndip for dessert. We also walked into a few clothing shops and shared a few moments here and there. I love such outings with mum, where we just talk and walk.
Advice of the day: If you smiled from your heart even if it was for a short period of time, then it was a good day for you. Be thankful!

Day 6 (19/2/2016): It is the weekend which means I will be spending it at home studying for a quiz next week. *rolls eyes* Seriously, what happened to having fun and going out on the weekends? When did that die out?! It is only on Thursdays now that we get to enjoy some time with friends. Anyway, I wasn’t thrilled to get on with my day till I remembered that today I was publishing a new blog post (not that I would have forgotten haha). Today I shared a writing of mine with you guys for the first time. The feedback was very satisfying and encouraging so I’m happy about that.
Advice of the day: Find something, anything, in your day you got excited about even if it was just for a couple of minutes.

Day 7 (20/2/2016): We received some worrying news about a family member tonight which made mum cry. Our cat jumped onto her lap and he brushed his face across her cheek so she instantly smiled. While we (my brother and I) were trying to comfort her, our cat just came in and so easily made her grin in a few seconds. This got me thinking that maybe all we really need is love. Aside from the cheesy side of Love… Love is having a partner who listens to you, who thinks with you and who comforts you. Love is having a pet that senses your sadness and stays around till you’re okay again. Love exists in many forms so look for it and hold on to it.

Day 8 (21/2/2016): As we went through the security check at the uni’s gate today, the security man thought my friend dropped a pin so he gave it to her even though she clearly told him it wasn’t hers. The quote “Do small things with great love” was written on the pin. I am mostly grumpy in the mornings but this pin made me feel less grumpy and brightened my morning so I decided to keep it. But then a friend advised me to leave it at the Lost & Found office, as the pin’s owner may have been looking for it (although I strongly doubt that). So with one step forward two steps backwards I did so. *sad face*

Day 9 (22/2/2016): With all the quizzes and assignments I have this month, my days are almost all the same…stressful. So in order to make these tough days less stressful, Noha (best friend/blog editor) and I listen to music on our morning bus ride. We both just sit there in silence and enjoy the songs till we reach uni. She either texts or sleeps while I eat my breakfast and watch everything around me: the streets, the road, the people on the bus…etc. It is relaxing somehow. Today was all about that, that relaxing morning bus ride.

Day 10 (23/2/2016): I am not the kind of person who naps outside my home, let alone, in a classroom. But today because I was too tired (and the TA was very boring) I napped in class for at least 30 minutes. I think these are the best kind of naps, where I just shut my eyes and sleep to the sound of my teacher in the background slowly fading away as I continue to fall into a deeper sleep. This semester has witnessed more of me sleeping in class than focusing on my teacher.

Day 11 (24/2/2016): I love family gatherings. I have loved them since I was a little girl. Our family gatherings are always about food, stories, food, catching up with whatever is going on in our life, food again and laughs. Today we had a mini family gathering; the highlight of my day. It was nice to forget how much I have on my plate, enjoy the company of my family and laugh from the bottom of my heart.

Day 12 (25/2/2016): You know when you laugh from the bottom of your heart that your eyes tear, your side hurts and you cannot breathe properly? That was 30 minutes of my day. Such moments should be appreciated more and the people who make you laugh should be cherished. Such moments make you lose yourself and be genuinely happy, even when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Create such valuable moments, for through them, you will find joy.

Day 13 (26/2/2016): This morning, we had a meeting at uni. My friend got each one of us a Dunkin Donut doughnut. I was very touched by such a gesture. She just did that out of pure kindness. It made my day! We should all do that, every now and then. Let’s make other people’s days!

Day 14 (27/2/2016): I am a stay-at-home person. I’d choose ordering food over dinning out. I’d choose staying in bed over hanging out with friends. I’d choose watching a movie online over going to the cinema (ok maybe not to that extent but you get the idea). So you can imagine how happy I was to finally spend a day at home.

Day 15 (28/2/2016): I skipped a class, compensated it, missed the bus ride to uni, planned another ride to uni and slept early so I can wake up at dawn time. This is the plan I came up with today so I can watch the Oscars ceremony live tomorrow. I never watched the full Oscars ceremony live before so planning for it was very exciting.

The first part of the journal challenge was enlightening, and it actually helped me stay positive! There are 15 daily challenges of the journal challenge remaining that I am excited to share with you. You will find them in this post.

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