Journalize your Day, for 30 Days! (part II)

Because the 31-Day Happiness Challenge was a success and fun to do, I wanted to do another challenge. I came up with one where I write down at least one positive thing that happened in my day for 30 days. The point of this challenge is to realise the joy and little blessings in your otherwise typical and normal life. Believe me, it will help you embrace life and its many downs with a calmer happier heart.

You will find part I of this challenge here and below is the continuation of it:

Day 16 (29/2/2016): I started my day way earlier than the usual so I could watch the Oscars. I woke up at exactly 3:30 am, I quickly turned the tv on just in time for the ceremony’s start. I loved watching the Oscars live, and it was my first time to do so! It had a totally different feeling to it than watching its run-time. The 4-hour-long ceremony ended too quickly for me. I wanted it to last a bit longer. I was too happy the rest of the day because of it. I will definitely make sure that watching the Oscars live becomes an annual thing.

Day 17 (1/3/2016): The highlight of my day was skipping uni today. Being a student at my university means that the chances of skipping a whole day are very very very low. You will have to compensate classes or you’ll lose marks, so it is pointless to skip a day because you’ll compensate it later on anyway. I now regret the times when I didn’t appreciate skipping school days as I should have. Someone should have warned me that the university days are nothing like the school days. Anyway, I woke up feeling genuinely happy for finally skipping a whole university day and not caring.

Day 18 (2/3/2016): My day was kind of boring; I was sleepy and stressed because of my exams. But then I received a call from a friend, who I ended up talking with for an hour. This call made me laugh from my heart. It made me forget that I have two exams tomorrow. It made my day better. I didn’t want it to end (although I am not a phone-call person). My day got back to being boring after this call. *sad face*

Day 19 (3/3/32016): Today I went to the Scooby-Doo Live show with my best friend, Lamees. It is always fun to give myself a break from all the grown-up responsibilities and enjoy a childish night. It was even more fun to go with Lamees. Her childish joy during the show was adorable. Read all about it here.

Day 20 (4/3/2016): Whenever I write a motivational/inspirational kind of post, I worry people won’t connect to it. We’ve all read these kinds of posts many times before, so I get that it may sound boring to some people but I write it anyway. I like to write my thoughts down and share it with people, because there is a slight chance that my way of expressing words may help them understand certain things better. So today’s post was about learning how to love oneself, and the feedback I’ve received so far was great so that is the highlight of my day.

Day 21 (5/3/2016): Today I had the pleasure of walking with my friend, Shorouk. We always talk about the most random things so I always enjoy our talks, whether on the bus or while walking. As we were walking down a side street, we found small dog paws marked on the pavement. I wonder how that happened. I found it too cute because the paws were very tiny ones. (P.S. I am a cat person)12810063_993723537386940_1447162916_o

Day 22 (6/3/2016): Today was one of those days where nothing was going as planned. I was disappointed and demotivated to do anything the whole time. Mum tried to cheer me up. She showered me with love and cuddles. She didn’t mind my negative attitude. She tried to help me with my stuff. She even offered going out late at night. Mum is the best! She is the highlight of my day, every day.

Day 23 (7/3/2016): Today I launched my blog’s facebook page. The process of creating a facebook page itself was exciting. I gladly wasted three hours of studying to set up the page, share it and work on related stuff too. Considering that I have a midterm exam tomorrow, this could have been postponed, but I just couldn’t wait any longer! I was patient enough to wait two days after hitting 3000 views on my blog. So, this is yet another exciting step for #ohmynour that I am happy about.

Day 24 (8/3/2016): There is always this one extended family member whom you don’t see a lot but you respect and love very much. This extended family member of mine contacted me this morning to congratulate me on my blog. His words were very sweet and touching. I respect that man very much so him showing his appreciation for my blog means a lot to me. He made my day!

Day 25 (9/3/2016): I had a Cinnabon for breakfast on which I topped with Hershey’s caramel sauce (yum). My taste buds were very pleased and my tummy was very happy. Oh and before that I ate half a big bag of Maltesers. It was a good morning for me, and my tummy.20160309_110329.jpg

Day 26 (10/3/2016): Today something huge for my blog happened, and that is my blog is no longer hosted by WordPress! I don’t want to get into much details now about how this is a big step for me because I’ll probably rant about it in another post. So I just want to say that the amount of support I’ve received so far means so much to me and it motivates me to keep going forward. I’m truly thankful for all of this!
The link to my blog is now

Day 27 (11/3/2016): The celebrations of my now official blog carried on till today. I received heartwarming texts congratulating me. It is nice to have a number of people supporting and appreciating what you’re doing. I never thought I would experience this kind of support so I am honestly very thankful to all of you. Thank you!

Day 28 (12/3/2016): Today I attended the grand opening of The Waterway compound. I have never attended an opening for anything before so my day was very exciting. I ate a lot, I drank a lot and I laughed a lot. There were a lot of firsts achieved today. I went home with a happy face and tummy. Read all about it here.20160312_164843

Day 29 (13/3/2016): If you have been reading my blog, you’d know that Tamara is the happy place of my taste buds. I have mentioned before that they have the best Shawerma I’ve ever tasted and the best one in town too. I decided to have Tamara for lunch a few hours before lunch time so I impatiently counted down to it then I spent another hour waiting for my order to arrive. But the food was worth the wait. My taste buds attest to that!

Day 30 (14/3/2016): I finally finished my midterm exams which means that I will be spending the next few days in bed and not waking up to an alarm. Today I’ve seen London has Fallen at the cinema. The plot has been done a thousand times before. The movie is all about the action and the graphics. I loved seeing Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart together on screen. They are both candies to the eye! Their hotness aside, I liked the movie.

Sadly, this is the end of Journalize Your Day challenge. It was truly a challenge, but a positive one. There were times when I thought I was having a bad day until it was time to update this journal. I had to go through all that happened that day and find one positive thing in it. It changed my perspective on life. It helped me realise that we never have fully bad days. It helped me realize the hidden blessing(s) in my day. There is always at least one good positive thing that happens every day; whether it is a big thing or a small thing. We just need to notice it and we will be having a lifetime of good days. I hope my journal inspires you to find your daily hidden blessings. Let me know if you plan to do it, or if there are any other challenges that I may not know about. Cheers!

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