March, 2016

I never know how to begin these monthly recap posts but I know what the body is going to be about. I am always excited to write these kind of posts though. They are like a monthly diary where I go through all that had happened in that month. I love diaries, but I always fail to keep one. So these posts are the closest thing to writing down my life.

March seemed like it would never end. It was a 31-day period where so much has happened on the mental, emotional and physical levels. I have been up and down the rollercoaster ride this month. I would like to believe that this ride ended at the up level, but to be honest it didn’t. If March were a line graph, it would be something like this: a shaky horizontal line for the first two weeks which reaches the peak at the third week then finally hits rock bottom come the fourth week. Looking at the bright side of my life though I can say that March was eventful.

Two big events took place this month which I was very excited about: Scooby-Doo Live on Stage and The Waterway Compound Opening. The Scooby-Doo event was a theatrical show which I attended with the oldest Scooby-Doo fan I know, my best friend Lamees. I’ve mentioned it before, that it was truly cheerful seeing her excitement and joy as she watched the show. She made that night memorable! The Waterway Compound grand opening was the highlight of my whole month. It was my first time ever to be on the guest list of a great event. Like I’ve mentioned before, a lot of firsts were achieved that day so I still can’t get over how amazing that event was to me. I’ve ranted all about it here. I am now emotionally attached to The Waterway compound. I think it is one of my current favourite places to head to.20160303_195022THIS


In January, I set a goal of reaching 3000 blog views and that as a celebration I would create a facebook page for my blog. I also decided that I would get my own domain name so people can see how serious I take my blog (and because it’s very cool and mature haha). On Friday the 4th of March, I published a post called Learn to Love Yourself and in 12 hours time my views went from 2800 to 3000 overnight! I was very happy and proud that I finally reached my goal. But I started feeling the pressure of getting exposed to a bigger audience which made me think twice to be honest. However, I shook my worries off and I created a facebook page anyway. If you have never owned a facebook page before, you should know that it is very professional if your main goal is to reach as many people as you can. It gives you insights about the posts’ reach to people, their engagements to the posts, etc. I was amazed! On Thursday the 10th of March, I got my own domain name after facing multiple issues of online banking technicalities for a whole week. I was literally on top of the moon when it finally became official! Now my blog is no longer hosted by WordPress. Today, I am an official website owner which is something I would have never imagined in a million years! As a celebration, I was jumping in excitement around the house the whole night! I have to thank my mum for making this possible by waiting at the bank for 4 hours and making boring bank phone calls. God bless you, mum! Another exciting thing is that two weeks later I reached 4000 views. WHAAAT! Let me lay it out here; when I first started this blog I was initially worried about how people would react to it. Would people like it? Would they be interested? Or would they hate it? I didn’t think I would reach 1000 views in one month time. I didn’t even consider views as a factor. So my blog reaching 4000+ views, having a facebook page and my own domain name is all still mindblowing to me. I am not exaggerating but sometimes it hits me that I run a freaking blog! I was shy about sharing my writings with friends before and now I share them online for everyone to read. Wow! Anyway *locks emotions inside again*, I am happy and thankful for where my blog (and I) stand today. I have big dreams for this blog so may this journey get even more exciting!

This month, I did another month-long challenge which I shared with you a week ago. It is called Journalise your Day, for 30 days. This challenge has got to be one of the most positive and valuable challenges that ever existed. I am mentioning it in this post because it truly helped me get through March. It helped me realise the hidden blessings in my days, for 30 days. It helped me find joy in what-seemed-like a bad day. It changed my perspective on life. I now believe that there is no such thing as “a bad day”. You may experience a weird day where nothing is going as planned, but surely, there is at least one tinie tiny good thing in your day. All you have to do is look for it. Anyway, read how my challenge went like and see for yourself!

On a side note, I am a TV show junkie. I plan my day according to the shows I watch. The first thing I do on my Fridays is watching the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode whilst having breakfast. This has been the situation for 5 years now I think. Even during final exams, I never miss an episode. This also goes for the other shows I watch. Watching shows is one of the ways I get through life. On the last day of March, I decided to start watching How to get Away with Murder. It was both a great and bad decision. Great because the show turned out to be very interesting and intense. I mean Shonda Rhimes is the producer. NEED I SAY MORE?! It was bad because the show’s cliff hangers literally left me on the edge of my seat so I binge watched it for three straight days and had a headache for several days after but I don’t regret it. I have enjoyed every single episode. If you haven’t watched it, give it a try sometime. Trust me!bal-how-to-get-away-with-murder-season-2-premi-001.jpg

If there is one thing I’ve learned this month, it is that; Even if your hard work does not immediately pay off, it will pay off at some point. It has to. It will. You just have to stay patient, keep the hard work going and do not lose faith in yourself and your abilities. Because when you reach what you have been aiming at for so long, it will feel like you want nothing more from life.

It saddens me to announce that as I am very busy these coming two months with finals, the posts will be temporarily limited to once a week, every Tuesday at 5 pm.

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