T-Shirt Shopping Spree

I think we can safely say that Summer has officially begun! This means the sun, beaches, pools and post-swim treats. My favorite post-swim treat is salted biscuits. I guess this is because my mum used to feed me them after every swim when I was a child so I grew up loving that. Anyway, I believe that any post-swim treat is always a yummy in the tummy! (AIN’T I RIGHT?!)

We are a few weeks into the summer season and the weather is already ridiculously hot. The only way to get through this heat is by wearing the least amount of layers and the lightest clothes we own. So personally, I decided that I will enjoy this summer’s sunny weather in just t-shirts and jeans. This is how you’ll see me roll through the summer!

Last week, I went t-shirt shopping (or as I’d like to call it; tee shopping). It usually takes me multiple shopping trips until I find exactly what I need, but this time I struck gold! I got five t-shirts in just one go. I thought I’d share them with you just in case you decided to roll in tees too.

1) Pull & Bear Short Sleeve Printed T-Shirt: (79 EGP)

Dream Killer (five minutes more please…)

2) Pull & Bear Short Sleeve Printed T-Shirt: (79 EGP)

No More Selfies (for today)

3) Pull & Bear T-Shirt With An All-Over Heart Print: (79 EGP)FotorCreated1

4) Pull & Bear Dinosaur Print T-Shirt: (79 EGP)FotorCreated4

5) DeFacto Garfield Print T-Shirt: (100 EGP)Garfield.jpg

I bought these t-shirts because they are seriously the lightest ones I have ever purchased and the prints on them are too cool (don’t you think?).

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