May, 2016

I have been waiting to write down this monthly recap since April’s recap because I knew that by the time I write it down I’d officially be done with my third college year. So yeah, here I am, chilling on the sofa while listening to music because I currently have nothing on my plate. It is one of those great feelings in life!

Nothing much happened in May as I had final exams during most of the month so I thought I’d spice things up a bit. Ever since I started this blog, I started doing one month-long challenges. I did the Happiness challenge and Journalize your Day challenge. And so for a change, I thought I’d do a one-day long challenge which is the “Say Yes” challenge. I had to agree to do whatever dares I was asked and not turn any down for a whole 24 hours. It was harder than I thought it would be but it was definitely a fun and new experience. Read all about it here. I’d love to do a part two so let me know if you wish to see that happen again.

As I have mentioned above, I have just finished my third year as a Pharmacy student last Thursday. I have two more years to go until I graduate and I still have no idea which career path I wish to take. To be honest, I am not even sure if I still want to end up working in a pharmacy-related field in the first place. I’m confused! I thought I was confident of my choices and dream job when I first joined Pharmacy school but apparently time changes that. I like to believe that time has allowed me to experience new things which have opened my mind to one truth about myself; I wish to find a job I enjoy doing. And currently, I don’t enjoy what I’m majoring in and so I won’t enjoy any relative career path. So here I am, more than halfway through Pharmacy school and I am confident that this isn’t what I want to be in life; a pharmacist. Consequently, I decided to start trying different careers and hopefully I’d eventually find a job that fits me along the way. So my first stop on the road of finding my dream job is: a Social Media Manager at Mo4 Network, which is a marketing agency. *fingers crossed*

A group photo on the very last day of our third college year.

Now that school is over and my summer vacation has just started, #ohmynour is going to get back on track and I’ll be posting two blog posts a week: on Tuesday and Friday at 5 pm. Also, I am planning to do great things this summer. One of which is starting a big influential blog series which I’m launching soon so stay tuned! Add me on Snapchat for fun-at-work and blog-surprises snaps. (username is down below)

Other places to find me:
Snapchat: @OMNsnaps

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