Mini Adventures

I think we all went through a phase where we wished our life was tumblr as we scrolled down our timelines past 12 am. There were photos of hot models, couple goals, breathtaking shots of places around the world, photos of adventurers and by adventurers. There is a chance these photos were staged, but we didn’t care, we just wanted the life those photos captured.

Tumblr inspired me back then to wander around the streets of Cairo and try to fall in love with it. I wanted to visit hidden places, walk around and take photos. I wanted to visit old places, know their stories and take photos. I wanted to visit beautiful places, see their beauty and take photos. I wanted to get lost while walking down a street, live the moment and maybe take photos. I wanted to do all of that but our community held me back so I put this dream of mine on hold. Until recently, I had an opportunity to revive this dream and so I did.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post; I paid a visit to Mohamed Mahmoud Street, Wust El-balad to see the famous graffiti there. I didn’t know where exactly they were and I didn’t ask before I went there. I just parked my car, walked to the street on foot and looked around for the murals. Like I’ve said before, it was like a mini adventure to me. A mini adventure where I wandered around and took photos of things I found beautiful; the graffiti. I didn’t mind the people and I didn’t mind the heat. I just enjoyed the moment and the beautiful work of art on the walls.20160604_085447

A week ago I wanted to buy a book which is sold by a gift shop in Wust El-balad. So I parked my car, googled the address and tried to walk to the shop without asking for directions. Of course I got lost but I didn’t want to ask for help. I just walked down the streets until I found my way to the shop. I enjoyed getting lost in Downtown, the heart of Cairo. I got the chance to see its old buildings and walk down its old streets. I got the chance to pass by some of its oldest shops as well. I remembered how my mum used to come here and walk aimlessly so I liked the idea of recreating her memory. It was all exciting to me! The shop was located on the first floor of an apartment building so I went in. It was a typical old Cairo apartment building; the high stairs, the narrow staircase, the old elevator and the big vintage apartment door. I felt like I was in a 70s movie! It all looked very vintage until I stepped foot into the gift shop, Oum El Dounia, which looked very colorful and bohemian. It is definitely one of those shops that makes you instantly happy. It had everything; from books to home stuff to accessories to stationary. You have to check it out yourself to experience the joy it automatically puts in you! I eventually got the book I was looking for and this mini adventure was a treat to my soul.13453517_1061039293988697_1128515233_o



I am no adventurer and I am no photographer. I am just a girl who likes to wander the streets and document it. None of these mini adventures were seriously planned in advance, they just happened. Now I am more motivated and excited to go on more of these mini adventures and take you along with me. So if you know any cool places for me to visit and wander around, please let me know. #OMNonfoot

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