June, 2016

I have gone silent on my blog for two weeks now so it is time to put an end to this! The reason behind the silence is that I have been caught up so much in my new job that I lost touch with literally everything in my life; family, friends and me. Also because of Ramadan, I cannot keep up with my days. I wake up very early for work (even on weekends) and fall asleep at times I shouldn’t be sleeping. One minute I’m all energetic and loud, the next minute I’m deeply asleep on the couch. I can vaguely recall my Ramadan days; work, iftar, Soqout Hor, sohour then repeat. It has been a crazy couple of weeks (and it will probably continue to be) but I’m ready to get back on the track!

First of all, if you have not been following me on Snapchat, you’re missing on exclusive blog stuff, cool work stuff, new purchases and some pointless fun. So make sure to follow me there! Second of all, June has been full of new awesome experiences. When I reflect back on them, I cannot believe that they had all happened in just one month.

On the first Saturday of June, I decided to pay a visit to Mohamed Mahmoud street and check out the murals there. I didn’t know where exactly they were so I just walked down the street looking for any kind of artwork. As soon as I found one, I took as many photos as I could and I did not mind the people or the cars. It was like an adventure to me; I had my backpack, water and (phone)camera. I was fascinated by the beautiful and inspiring graffiti I found. I still stand in awe every time I come across them on my way to work. As soon as I got back home, I poured out all my emotions and feelings in a blog post and I published it right away. I was too eager to wait for a Tuesday to share it with you guys. Read all about my first mini adventure here! #OMNonfoot20160604_085447
Later in the first week of June, I launched the very first blog series called Start Young. It is a side project which I have been working on for a couple of months now. I came up with the idea, list of successful young adults and questions a while ago but I finally put it into effect earlier in June. I did interview someone I shall not reveal his identity as we still haven’t finished our interview yet. I can give you a clue though: he is someone who has been to places we have never been and probably will never be. Who is he? *drum rolls* Read all about my blog series and the aim behind it here!

My first mini adventure inspired me to go on a second mini adventure which happened to be in Downtown again. It all started when I came across Frog Stationary‘s new product “The Book of Blessings” on my Facebook timeline. I found a gift shop that sells the product near work so I went to it after work. The mini adventure lied in finding my way to the shop and, surprisingly, the shop itself, Oum El Dounia. It is currently my favorite gift shop to head to for happy vibes. Read all about this adventure here where I succeeded in buying “The Book of Blessings” which I ranted about then in a whole Snapchat story. It is literally my favorite purchase of June! “The Book of Blessings” is basically a daily journal where I write at least one thing I am grateful for in each day for a whole year. It is an effective way to help one realize the hidden blessings in their life and be grateful for them. I can confidently say so because I tried it on a smaller scale a few months ago in this post and it truly changed the way I reflect on my days. So I cannot wait to fill this journal with the blessings in my life! #OMNonfoot13533103_710382135766532_6849011213719547614_n

My new job at Mo4 Network has allowed me to try new things; one of which was a photo-shoot in Downtown. A photographer and I walked down the streets of Wust El-balad to take photos of the renovated buildings, new hotels and faces of Downtown. It was a huge responsibility for a newbie like me to go on a photo-shoot alone so I was so nervous and excited! I supervised the shots and I took some myself. I also interviewed someone working in a Bazar for his story to be shared under the #FacesOfDowntown. I was filled with the joys of spring to walk the streets of Downtown for the purpose of taking beautiful photos in the afternoon whilst fasting. I did not mind my tanned feet (not that much at least haha). Stay tuned to @DowntownCairo on Instagram to see our work.

On the last Saturday of June, I got to literally roam Cairo Festival City Mall with Aladdin. Because Mo4 runs the social media accounts of CFCM, we helped in a competition that took place last week there. Aladdin was giving away free gifts each day for 10 days and we had to document it; whether on Snapchat or Instagram or even DSLR photos. I would have never imagined in a million years that I would be in charge of CFCM’s Snapchat for a period of time. It is definitely one of my 2016’s highlights!

So like I said earlier, June was one hell of a crazy month full of new super awesome experiences! I am sleep-deprived but my heart has never been more red and my soul has never been more alive.

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