Harry Potter Movie Marathon

A perfect blogger would insert hundreds of beautiful photos of her perfectly arranged in-house movie marathon, but I’m no perfect blogger yet. However, I’d like to let you in on how I’d have arranged this perfect movie night if I had the chance.

Imagine a living room, with comfy pillows and blankets neatly folded on the couch. Snacks, sweets, candies, my homemade Krispy Kreme doughnuts, refreshments and bowls of different flavors of popcorn are on the center table. I would even bake Pizza for everyone to indulge in because Pizza is everyone’s best movie buddy (click here for the pizza recipe). A few scented candles lit, fairy lights on and room lights off for chilling vibes. My laptop connected to the big TV screen for the cinema effect. I’d document all of the preparations, the final setting of the now-cozy living room and group photos for the memory. And that is how I’d throw the perfect movie night everyone (and the readers) would remember!08498028ab091bac98e8499e98b61f95

But I can’t throw the perfect movie night yet! My mum doesn’t believe that the decorations help in chilling down and setting the right mood. Mum also doesn’t allow taking photos at home so I cannot document anything; she is a very private person. She does believe though that food and drinks are important for any movie night so it is still safe to join in with her. Haha!

My brother is only 10-year-old so he has never watched the Harry Potter movie series before. During school time, we agreed to do a proper Harry Potter movie marathon when school was over. So a week before Ramadan hit us all, we planned the movie marathon and mum decided to join in. Since I don’t have any photos to show you how it went like, I will tell you instead. Because of my new job at Mo4 Network, we had to watch one movie a day (except for a Friday where we watched two instead). So every night for a whole week, we plugged the laptop into the TV and watched the movie. We had bowls of salted popcorn (that’s how we like it) and a big giant bowl of candies and sweets; flavored sour ones too (my favorite). At times, we had pillows and blankets and at other times, we slept overnight in the living room just for the fun of it. It was like an in-house camp!

Even though I have watched the complete Harry Potter series a number of times before, it was like I was watching it for the first time again. Maybe because I was affected by my brother’s going-to-watch-a-harry-potter-movie excitement, or maybe because I was affected by my first-time-to-do-a-movie-marathon excitement. Maybe because I was touched by the family time so I forgot any memory I had of HP, or maybe because I wanted to pay attention to all the important details so I can be a HP geek for my brother’s liking. Anyhow, I was always on the edge of my seat during the movie time!

I always had an eye on my brother whilst watching the movies; I wanted to see his reaction with every plot twist there was in the series. It is always fun to see a newbie introduced to something brilliant. He was always champing at the bit to play the movie; I loved his spirit! I loved our HP discussions during and after each movie, and of course a long one after we finished watching the complete series. My next HP goal is for my brother and I to read to the books. It will definitely be a challenge for us both as I am not usually into fantasy literature and he is just a 10-year-old after all.

So… even though we didn’t have lit candles or fairy lights, and we didn’t take nice photos, it was definitely a movie marathon we will always remember. And so my advice is; don’t wait until you get certain stuff to make something super special. Use what you have, plan it properly and it will turn into something special enough for the time being. This goes for everything, not just a movie marathon. But still, I want you to plan a movie marathon yourself and enjoy it with your loved ones as soon as you can. It will be memorable!

Now that Ramadan is over and the summer days are back to normal, I’m trying to plan a second movie marathon. So what movie series do you suggest we should watch next?

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