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I don’t know about you, but I’m the happiest when I buy a number of items from one shop rather than from different shops. Not because it’s easier that way, but because of that moment when I go to the cashier to pay for a pile of clothes. Only then do I feel like it is raining money on me! Although it is never my money that is raining, it’s my parents’. Haha!

Anyhow, every Eid my family has a couple of traditions we have to do no matter how old we get. One of which is buying a new outfit. Last week I went shopping for Eid clothes and I ended up doing a shopping spree instead… which I’m so happy about because I love shopping. Shocker!

Because of my Hijab, I always struggle to find something suitable for me to wear. It is mainly the reason why I’m always in a weird mood whenever I go shopping for myself. The clothing industry doesn’t consider veiled girls anymore, and when they do, they produce something so shitty and unfashionable as if we don’t deserve to look nice as well. And so my struggle continues to be finding proper yet fashionable hijabi clothes. So here is what I and other veiled girls do: We wear a cardigan for sleeveless or short tops. We wear an undershirt for a see-through or three-quarter sleeve tops. We mainly wear so many layers to be well dressed! You can never imagine how stressful the whole process is unless you go through it yourself. (Read more about it here!)

With that being said, you can picture how I felt when I found suitable and stylish clothes in just one store. I was literally on cloud nine! I am no fashionista or stylist, but I thought I’d show you the clothes I bought in case any of you find something they’d like to buy.

First of all, as a veiled girl, I have never found decent summer clothes in Mango before this shopping spree so I am happy about that. Second of all, there is a huge sale up to 70% going on in Mango on both summer and winter clothes as you’re reading this. I went in to return my brother’s shirt and somehow I left with three big shopping bags. So here is what I got:

1) Openwork panel blouse: (LE199)
You will find this in two colors; off white and pink. It is the kind of pink you’d wear in the evening after a tan on a summer holiday; it is beautiful! I wanted to buy the pink blouse but I couldn’t find my size so I went for the white one. The blouse itself is so floaty; I could easily run around wearing it.

2) Flowy print dress: (LE349)
One of the things I hate doing is to wear a dress as a long blouse, but I do it anyway because some clothes are too pretty not to wear. Honestly, I didn’t know that this piece of clothing is originally a dress until I saw it online. But it doesn’t matter anyway since this is probably my favorite item of this haul. This is a flowy, cool-patterned dress which makes me feel as good as it looks! I love the flowy sleeves with elastic cuffs; they give it a fancy look for a nice evening out.

3) Flowy printed dress: (LE199)
This is a loose-fitting dress which has small floral prints. I love how colorful it is, it has a calming effect. I think this is the kind of dress one would wear for a walk at the beach as the sun sets down.

4) Printed flared dress: (LE199)
I don’t think I would have bought this if it wasn’t for the intensity and range of colors this dress has. Not because it doesn’t look pretty, but because of the slit design on both the front and back of the dress. #HijabiProblems This is the third and last dress I bought. It is so light and comfy to wear; you can wear it on a hot day and not worry about the heat.

5) Textured cotton cardigan: (LE219)
I have mentioned before in my first blog post ever how easily I get cold during winter so it is expected to only find heavy jackets in my closet. This has lately become an issue for me during autumn and early winter days, when there is only a light cold breeze. So I decided to buy light jackets to throw over when the weather gets just a little chilly, and so I bought this cardigan for that purpose. I love how it is beautifully designed; not your typical throw-over cardigan.

6) Cotton appliques cardigan: (LE219)
This one looks like something Princess Kate would wear. It is so elegant, figure-fitting and lined well enough to keep you warm. I cannot wait to wear this one as I found the perfect headscarf for it which adds a pop of pretty color to it!

7) Textured cotton sweater: (LE299)
You know when you buy something so comfy and roomy from the inside that you could live in it? This is true for this sweater. I am sure you will find me wearing it most days next winter, just because it is so baggy and pretty with its dark-reddish colors. This, a pair of jeans and comfy shoes will be my go-to outfit in winter, I am telling you!

I hope you enjoyed this insight into my Mango haul. I always find it interesting when YouTubers and bloggers share their shopping hauls, so I hope this was to you too. If you want to pay Mango a visit, I’d suggest you do it as early as you can because they continuously change the collection on sale. Don’t forget to tell me in the comments below what did you think of this haul.

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2 thoughts on “Mango Haul

  1. You are one talented and passionate writer. I am one of your biggest fans and i am really proud to see you grow and learn. Every blog post is better than the one before it. Your choice of words is perfect and you have this powerful way of describing things which i consider a rare talent nowadays. I believe in you and i can see that you have a very bright future ahead of you. Just keep on going and never stop chasing your dreams. From the bottom of my heart i say thank you for being a beautiful writer and a human being as well. Cant wait to see your future plans for us, your fans.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for your lovely comment! It is the sweetest comment I have ever received and will probably ever receive on my blog. I put so much effort and time into this blog so I highly appreciate it when someone praises it. I hope that I will continue to keep you interested in my blog and be of use to you. I wouldn’t have made it without your obvious support so thank you! You have made my day. 🙂


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