#PokémonGo Hunt

I am one of those people who once introduced to a brilliant game; I invest all of my energy and attention into it. And that’s why I’ve been trying to avoid playing Pokémon Go since it got released. However I got dragged into it and eventually I downloaded the game…

Every single human being who has played Pokémon Go has gone through the following levels of obsession and that was exactly what I wanted to avoid… I walked the streets, I walked the mall, I walked my office space, I walked inside home and I even went on a Pokémon Hunt tour in Wust El-balad.

After a super tiring day at work last Sunday, my brother and I went on a 30-minute Pokémon hunt which turned into a 1 hour 30-minute hunt instead. We literally wandered the streets of Nasr City at 10 pm with no parental supervision; I had to take care of my brother, catch Pokémon and Snapchat live all at the same time! We stopped in the middle of the street to properly throw the poké ball, I created a Pokémon hunt song and then we ran back home as fast as we could because it got too dark. My brother cried out loud for not finding Machop while I did, and I celebrated reaching level 5 before him. The whole hunt was fun, eventful and emotional (to my brother)!Snapchat-7957853638938122326
For the rest of the week, I sneakily left the office every few hours to catch Pokémon and pass by poké stops. I mean, there is a poké stop at the right of my office desk different than the one at the left of my desk. (That’s a discovery I haven’t shared with my workmates, or even anyone haha!) While the traffic light was red, I was catching Pokémon in my car. My brother and I enjoyed a night under the stars in the balcony waiting for Pokémon to show up, and it did! We also enjoyed chitchats on my bed a lot because for some unknown reason it was the spot at home where Pokémon most likely showed up. I’VE ALWAYS KNOWN MY BED IS SPECIAL!

Yesterday, Friday, I went on a Pokémon Hunt Tour in Downtown Cairo. It was an actual tour guided by a professional tour guide, Ahmed El-Bindari, and the Pokémon Master (as labelled by CairoScene), Skot Thayer, around the historical places of Wust El-balad. The tour would have truly been enlightening if I had only listened to the tour guide… but I was both working (as this was arranged by Mo4 Network – the company I work for) and playing Pokémon Go. It was a 3-hour long tour where we walked the many streets of Downtown, stopped at historical sites and beautiful buildings and caught Pokémon. There were a few rare Pokémon in the hidden passageways, inside churches and famous palaces of Downtown. It was exciting to walk into an alley on Kasr El-Nil Street only to find a Charmander waiting there. We all went crazy when a Pikachu showed up in the nearby menu that I gave my phone to a friend to catch it for me while I took care of some work and NOW I HAVE A PIKACHU IN MY POKEMON COLLECTION! That is the highlight of my whole Pokémon Go history. Everyone in the tour was so happy to leave with a Pikachu, who wouldn’t be? I just wish I had taken more photos of the amazing Downtown places I’ve been to as well.

Said Halim Pasha palace, Downtown, Cairo. (I found a Meowth there)

After a week of playing Pokémon Go, I’ll now try to spend less time playing it and more time seeing people who aren’t playing it. It was an enjoyable week where I walked so many kilos to hatch poké eggs, collect poké balls at poké stops, of course catch Pokémon, and I still haven’t lost the weight I put on over summer. Let me know in the comments below how has #PokémonGo been going for you.

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4 thoughts on “#PokémonGo Hunt

  1. You caught pickachu hahaha. I caught raichu the evolved form of pickachu but for a begginer that is good so if I am going to give this post a rating out of 10 I wil give it 9 out of 10.


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