Clash: A Cry for Humanity

Everyone has been talking about Clash since the first film screening; even Tom Hanks himself was so blown away by the movie that he sent an actual letter to its director, Mohamed Diab, congratulating him for the film’s magnificence. So I wanted to see the film that took the cinema theaters, and online feeds by storm myself.13686764_10157255587065370_3783982643753681852_n

The other day, I went to see the movie with expectations way high, and they were perfectly met afterwards. Everything was on point; the cast, script, cinematography, custom design and, most importantly, storyline. The movie focused on the people themselves rather than their political beliefs. It truly shed light on how fragile humanity is, and how we all have a hand in it; it’s scary. From the opening and until the ending, for a whole hour and a half, the movie entirely took place in an 8m police truck. It made the audience not only understand what the characters were going through, but kind of feel as if they  were in the characters’ shoes as well. I mean, my whole being was locked in the back of that police truck that at times, I felt like I was suffocating and I wanted to get out of it.

I loved how the creators showcased different kinds of people coming from different society classes, and how it all didn’t matter because we’re all in it together, the humanity community. Each cast member was perfect for his role; from the cinema elites to the D-class actors even. They truly aced their characters; from the vibes they sent, to the attitude, to their body language, and to their significant accent. Another thing I really loved was the creators beautifully casting light on the little happy moments in life and how powerful such moments can be if we choose to acknowledge them. Even though the movie happened in a depressing environment, there was still a moment amid the disputes where everyone was happy and unified. They were unified in a happy moment.

Clash gave me all the feels! I giggled, laughed and cried. I was filled with joy and I was also filled with sorrow. I got really emotional especially towards the end of the movie. I couldn’t help but cry; I don’t know if I was crying because of the movie or I was crying because that movie represents our current world. And I wasn’t the only one crying; probably half of the audience was too. But if we’re all crying for help, how come our cry isn’t powerful enough to eradicate the inhumane level of cruelty the world has reached?MV5BYzE5ZmI5ZGEtMGY4ZC00ZTk5LWFiY2MtNGNmMDBlNDE0ZGZjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjEzMjU2Mzk@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,699,1000_AL_

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