Kazdoura: A Green Bubble

Will Cairo ever have enough restaurants that new ones couldn’t open? I don’t think so… A new place called The Spot has recently opened its doors to a group of restaurants and cafés for us to have more reasons to leave home. It’s located in the 5th settlement in New Cairo, right in front of the American University of Cairo. The Spot has both indoor and outdoor seating areas where a big lake with a fountain centers all of that. The perfect time for an outdoor spot at The Spot (get it? Haha) would be around 9ish at night so you can enjoy a gentle breeze of air as you fill up your tummy.

I don’t think I have tried all the cuisines out there, but if I get to choose which cuisine is already my favorite, it’d definitely be Lebanese cuisine. So when I knew there was a Lebanese restaurant called Kazdoura at The Spot, I wanted to give it a try. Both indoor and outdoor areas are lovely; the interior design is definitely catchy. Everything is so green there so it kind of sends cheerful vibes. The outdoor seating is very cozy; the chairs are big, Lebanese music is always on and the fountain sound in the background covers the crowd talks. You’ll feel like you and your company are in your own green bubble.20160726_221924CHOSEN


Not only is the interior design eye-catching, but the bathroom is as well. I know that this is the second time I blog about the design of a bathroom but before you judge me, would you look at how unique this bathroom is? It is so beautiful! #OMNinBathrooms20160726_221022CHOSEN


The menu is full of so many choices I didn’t know what to order. Thankfully, it was a family dinner so I ordered more than I could afford on my own (sorry not sorry, fam). Whenever I’m at a Lebanese restaurant, I usually go for Tabouleh salad, Fattoush salad and a Chicken Shawerma sandwich. So I ordered my usual plus Haloumi Cheese Safiha and Zaater Manoucheh. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m the kind of person who always orders the same thing because I can’t trust food I haven’t previously tried. I always order Minted Lemon juice as well but this time I went a little crazy and got myself 3 Colors drink; it’s a mixture of mango, strawberry and kiwi. I am SO wild, ha? Haha!

Tabouleh Salad
Fattoush Salad
Haloumi Cheese Safiha and Zaater Manoucheh
Gourmet Shawerma Chicken

The food portions were as big as the chairs; none of us were able to finish their plate(s). It all looked so appetizing and picture-perfect. I literally kept my family from eating until I took proper food shots, but the lighting wasn’t the best so excuse that. To be frank, the food wasn’t the yummiest Lebanese food I’ve ever tasted but it was surely yummy.

The staff is very friendly, the service is relatively fast and the general ambiance is so relaxing. I mean, I slept the whole drive back home and then got straight into bed without even changing into my pajamas. It was that relaxing! I think Kazdoura is the perfect spot for a date night. Let me know in the comments below other places in Cairo to chill at.

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