Air Zone: 1 Second

Every child’s dream is to have a trampoline (and a swing) in their house because who doesn’t love the feeling of air brushing their body as they jump so high? Absolutely, no one! I think one of the happiest moments in one’s life must be that one second in the air just before they fall back to the trampoline. The whole trampoline thing is a happy moment; I don’t think there has ever been anyone who jumped on a trampoline with a grumpy face. Trampolines are one of those things that instantly make you happy and dead tired at the same time; that’s why parents get them home for their children haha.

Because I don’t have a trampoline at home, I always get excited when I see one outdoors, let alone, a trampoline park. Air Zone is the largest trampoline park in Egypt; they have foam pits, climbing walls, a basketball area and a huge dodge ball area. You get 45 minutes to hop all over the place which is more than enough to try everything they have, twice!giphy

Silly me, I thought jumping on a trampoline is a piece of cake and that I can so easily do those amazing moves that wow every child ever. It turns out it wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be; it was tricky. I almost broke my back and knee while playing dodge ball because I thought I got the gist of it when apparently I didn’t… I mean, how hard can it be to jump from one trampoline floor to another? Apparently so hard, at least to me it was. Also, I thought the climbing wall wouldn’t be an issue to me but the climbing things that you hold on to are of irregular shape so they hurt when you put your foot on them. However, because I wanted my brother to challenge his fear of climbing, I managed to climb it and reach the very top. /sister points So yeah my advice for you is to google some trampoline tips before you go to Air Zone so you have the most fun you can have!

The staff is really friendly and nice. They can show you tips and tricks of trampoline jumping if you ask them to, and you’ll find them jumping along with you too. Air Zone plays some very energetic music which will make you feel hyper and ready to break a leg (probably yours haha). My snapchat story then was very fun, jumpy and full of energy; I was jumping with my phone in my hand that I was going to lose it a few times (oopsi). Make sure you take lots of photos and cool boomerangs while you’re there because they’re the closest thing you’ll have to freezing that one second in the air I was telling you about. Let me know in the comments below other entertaining places in Cairo that I should give a try.13906597_1093246334101326_5044878262621662413_n

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6 thoughts on “Air Zone: 1 Second

    1. It was enjoyable! You definitely need to look for the nearest trampoline park and give it a try; you’ll love it. Thank you for reading my blog! 🙂


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