DIY: Melted Crayon Art

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’d know by now how obsessed I’m with YouTube. One of my favorite YouTubers is Roman Atwood (and his so lovable family). A few years back, he and his girlfriend have done a DIY artwork which turned out great. My friend, Yara, has watched that vlog a few days ago and ever since then she has been obsessed with that DIY idea. She told me how bad she wanted to do it then one thing led to another and I too got into it so we agreed to do it together. If you follow me on Snapchat then you’ve probably seen it all live and how amazing the final thing was.

The DIY project is *drum rolls* Melted Crayons Artwork. It’s basically creating a painting using melted wax crayons, but you can go crazy with it. I’ve seen tutorials where they write quotes or draw things on the paper. There are actual professional artists who use this technique of painting, and of course their stuff is incomparable to the DIY artwork. My brother joined in last minute so he wanted to do it the simple way, I wanted to write Oh My Nour while Yara settled for a quote.

1) Canvas Paper
2) 3 packs of 24 Wax Crayons
3) Glue Gun
4) Hair Dryer
5) Black Watercolor and a Paint Brush (optional)20160827_132415Chosen

The whole idea is to melt the crayons over the canvas paper; the beauty of it lies in the splattering of the colors over each other. The idea is similar to that one painting in a museum that looks as if someone randomly threw colors over each other and for no sane reason it’s considered as expensive art. So yeah, follow the following steps and you might get paid for your piece:

1) Write down whatever you want – Optional:
Whether you’re going to write a quote or draw something symbolic to you on the canvas paper, do that first using a black watercolor. Personally, I wanted to stick letters on it so when I take these stickers off after it’s finished, my blog name would be spelled in white amid all the colors. But that didn’t work for me so unless you have a better way to do it, I suggest you use the watercolor.

2) Sort out the crayons:
Most people go with rainbow colors (and so did we) but a few choose a range of specific colors instead. I think rainbow colors are way more cheerful to look at so I arranged all the crayons in the rainbow order and glued them to the top edge of the canvas paper.20160827_150827



3) Melt the crayons:
Using a hair dryer, start melting the crayons by directing the heat at them. Here is the tricky part; if you direct the heat vertically at the crayons, the colors are going to splatter. But if you direct it horizontally at the crayons, the colors are just going to dribble. Also, if you wish your colors to fade into each other, use a clean paint brush and gently drag the melting colors from up down. When you’re done, let it dry out for 5 minutes and then you’re ready to show off on social media.20160827_160955Chosen






This DIY artwork is easy and very cheerful to do; I feel like it’s one of those things that send happy vibes when you pass by them. It’ll take you 1 hour maximum to get it done. I strongly suggest you write a short quote like Yara’s so that every time you look at it, it’d be as if you’re sending yourself a message. My piece shall be forever kept with me because everything about it brings me happiness; the day I made it on, the company I had, the colors and the motive. So go make your own piece of happiness! Let me know in the comments below if there’re other DIY posts you want me to try.20160827_173823Chosen


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