August, 2016

As much as I don’t want it to happen, August has come to an end. Let me rephrase that; as much as I don’t want it to happen, summer has come to an end. Even if I try to pretend that it’s still summertime, school will soon begin and I’ll be forced to wrap up summer 2016… but I think I can pull that off for just 2 more weeks. We all can, right?

I finally had some me-time for the first time this summer last month. I stayed up late at night more and set less alarms. I enjoyed some chilled days at home and some enjoyable time with friends. I went to the movies, new places and new restaurants. I binge watched TV-shows and read books. I tried to do new things; most of my plans didn’t happen but a few worked out. So yeah, August was eventful and much needed.

The most important August event of all was posting my 50th blog post! *confetti coming out of your screen* I decided to write about one of my life discoveries that I’ll teach my kids to live by; that is how to be happy. I used to be sad, bleakish and pessimistic all the time but then something happened and I helped myself become happy, content and optimistic most of the time. I helped myself by myself, through the inspiration of movies and books with happy endings, in 5 simple rules. So I thought I’d share that with you even though it was a cliché topic to write about…

Speaking of movies, I went to see the film that took the cinemas by storm and that has been recently nominated to the Oscars 2017: Clash. I think I’ve ranted about it enough in my movie review so I’m just going to point out that Clash is one of the best Egyptian movies ever produced. It’s one of those movies where you fight the tears for quite some time then lose the control over your tear ducts at the end. It’s one of those movies that smoothly shed light on the lack of humanity in our world. And that is why if I could give this movie a slogan, it’d be: A Cry for Humanity.

One of my August (and probably 2016) highlights is doing my first DIY project: Melted Crayon Art. My friend, Yara, came up with the idea and we made a 1-hour project turn into a memorable 6-hour project. We went stationary shopping, listened to music, tested out art theories and I learnt to speak British (but failed miserably). We created our very own artwork out of melted crayons and it turned out amazing! I’m fascinated by how beautiful Yara’s piece is. Give it a try yourself but create it in a unique way so it stays special to you forever.20160827_173823Chosen


The fun days for me last month were when my brother and I went trampoline jumping in Air Zone, twice. We had so much fun the first time that we went for a second time and we’re going for a third time really soon. Prepare yourself to face the fear that you didn’t think you have; jumping high. Prepare yourself to get hurt if you wanna try and do some badass moves, which will be worth it. Read up about Air Zone here so you can prepare yourself well before you go in.13906597_1093246334101326_5044878262621662413_n

I’m currently on holiday as I’m writing this and I’ll be on my way back home as it gets published. So prepare yourself for some holiday posts throughout the next week. In the meantime, you can catch some of my holiday on Snapchat and Instagram so make sure to follow me there. [links are down below] #OMNonfoot is about to hit you!

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    1. Aww, thank you for checking my blog! It is colorful, and cheerful. I have it on my desk and every time I look at it, I’m instantly happy. You should give it a try! 🙂


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