Swiss Inn Hotel, Dahab

I’ve been kind of spamming your timelines with Dahab photos and so I’ll be spamming you with Dahab blog posts for the coming two weeks. Obviously, I went on holiday with the family last week in Dahab. We were originally meant to go to Ras Shitan but stuff happened and we ended up in Dahab instead. Let me just say that that change of plans was the best kind of “change of plans” because Dahab has won my heart.

We stayed in Swiss Inn hotel which is a 4-star hotel. It’s said to be the most luxurious hotel there in Dahab; it definitely was to us. The hotel is nothing big, everything you need is literally 1 minute away from you or less which makes it very cozy. They don’t throw any shows or activities whatsoever so it’s certainly the place for you if you just want to chill out for a couple of days.DSCF0146




Just like any respectable hotel, there was a gym, a spa, a beach activity center and kids’ playground along with the other standard facilities. The gym was small having only the basic machines like the treadmill, stationary bicycle …etc. It was a glass room so you could overlook the beach while exercising which I think is a bonus. Whenever I stay in a hotel, no matter how old I am, I always like to go on the swing late at night when all the kids are asleep. So yes the kids’ playground was very practical to me haha. Also, I finally tried riding the tube and I think it’s my favorite beach activity ever. My mum was so scared to death because of all the speedy curves and bumps so I was literally laughing way out loud at her.DSCF0151





Whenever my family and I go on holiday, you’ll always find at least 2 bags full of snacks and candies, for the road trip or in-between-meals-snacking. It’s a bad unhealthy habit that we’re guilty of because seriously the hotel food is just enough, but it is what it is… So I think this gives you an idea on how important food is to us on holidays. We’re really picky when it comes to choosing a hotel to stay in because of the quality of food they serve. Swiss Inn hotel gave us the quality of food we asked for. The food was generally good but the variety was very very limited. I’d give it a 7 out of 10.

To top it all, the hotel service is honestly one of the best. The staff is very friendly and caring that when we missed a breakfast meal, they sent it to our room even though we didn’t ask them to. Everything in Swiss Inn hotel made our stay in Dahab so lovely and relaxing. I could so easily see the hotel earn another star soon so that it becomes a 5-star hotel.


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