Holiday Gone Wrong

I have had the most amazing time at Dahab and I think you can tell from my Dahab posts. I’ve made new friends, visited new places and overcome my fear of the sea. However, so many things happened that weren’t originally supposed to happen because Dahab wasn’t the holiday we initially planned.

A month ago, my mum found a travel agency on Facebook that organizes trips to South Sinai. They organize a real life adventure across South Sinai; from Taba, Nuweiba, Ras Shittan, Dahab, Blue Hole, Ras Abu Galoum, Three Pools, White Canyon, Color Canyon, Saint Catherine, to Sharm El-Sheikh. Their activities mostly include hiking, snorkeling and diving. It all sounds very exciting and wild; and that is how it sounded to my family and me. We wanted to spice our usual holiday up and go crazy so we joined in on that adventurous trip.

Before reaching the beach camp, the place where intended to stay, we made one stop at Taba in one of its gems, Fjord Bay. It is a spot where all there is are literally the sea and numberless mountains. You wouldn’t mind the lack of life there because the view is breathtaking, unless you visit it at night time then you run, run for your life! I couldn’t turn off my camera and not take endless photos of the sight. It was picture perfect!20160830_094618chosen



The beach camp was located at Nuweiba where all there is are only beach camps and huts. There are no hotels and no bus stations. It’s a very primary life there that the camp we were supposed to stay at was anything but clean. So just after 1 hour into the exciting adventure, we decided to leave and quickly headed to the closest destination to Nuweiba; Dahab. And that’s when the real holiday began and the Dahab adventures happened.dscf0027

We stayed at Swiss Inn hotel where they knew how to keep their rooms clean. We visited Mashraba, the Blue Hole and Ras Abu Galoum. Mashraba is the downtown of Dahab where the restaurants, supermarkets, clothing shops, hairdressers and hostels are. In other words, Mashraba is where the everyday life happens. It’s usually very alive at night time so if you want to just hang out, Mashraba is the place for you. As for the Blue Hole and Ras Abu Galoum, read up all about them in these posts. They were the highlights of the whole holiday for me!

Swiss Inn Hotel
The Blue Hole
Ras Abu Galoum

For the last day in Dahab, mum and I walked by the beach until the sunset. We walked aimlessly with one foot in the sand and the other in the sea until we found like a small beach branch going into the sea water. We then sat there and just enjoyed the blueness until the sun set down on us. Something about the sea breeze during the sunset was so relaxing and therapeutic. Everything was so calm; the waves were gentle on my feet, the sun was warm on my face and the people were enjoying the beach quietly. Afterwards, we went back to our room ready to call it a night before anything could have ruined the state of peacefulness we were in.20160902_175302chosen






I’m still surprised by the holiday’s turn of events, even though I got back two weeks ago. Who would have thought that my first-failed-adventure-attempt would turn into a terrific and awakening adventure? Some may think that I’m exaggerating but this holiday has changed me in ways that I couldn’t have done on my own. Whether these changes were overcoming my fear of the sea, seeing the underwater life, meeting a new Tunisian friend, or watching the sunset, they’ve all changed me and how I view my life for the better. This holiday was without a doubt the best holiday ever!

So what about you? Have you ever gone on a holiday that has changed you in some way? I’m very interested to know so leave me a comment below.


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