New Uni Resolutions

Am I the only one who hates to address uni as school? After a very productive and much needed summer, I got back to uni this week. It has only been three uni days and all of my energy is already drained. Scratch that! It has only been three uni days and I’m already enjoying the company of my friends. Because this semester I’ve decided to change the way I reflect on my uni days and it has been working well for me so far.

Here are my two new uni resolutions for this year:

Be Positive

I’m generally a positive person until I step foot into the premises of my uni because it brings me nothing but consuming stress! For the past three years, I’ve been a walking ball of negative energy at uni… To be frank, this hasn’t helped in making uni easier, if anything, it has made uni feel heavier and more difficult. And so recently, I’ve decided to reverse my negativity to positivity. I’ve decided to turn every negative thought I get into a positive one. Just like I did above.

For the past three days, I’ve been focusing on the good things and only the good things. Like the fact that this year is my junior year, or that being at uni most of the day helps me maintain my healthy diet, or that we’re back to very chatty bus rides. Being positive has majorly influenced my days so far in becoming happy ones. So I say no more of being a ball of negative energy and yes to being beaming rays of sunshine.

Look Nice

During the early months of 2016, I came to a decision where I stopped wearing smart casual clothes and putting eyeliner on on uni days. I used to think that it wasn’t worth the morning trouble especially that it was only uni and I wasn’t trying to impress anyone so why bother? However, over the summer, I came to the realization that dressing nicely either puts me in a good mood or boosts it. I tried this for a week time where I quit the sweat pants and applied lipstick, and it was actually a great week! So I decided that no matter how off my mood is or how tired I am, I’ll wear nicely and add some color to my face anyway; it’ll diffuse to my mood eventually.

I’m starting uni fresh this year; I want it to be a happy productive one. And so I started by following these two advice and I’ve been the happiest uni version of myself so far. I’m always thinking of happy thoughts and even tweeting them to remind myself. I’m going to make my junior year count, my bus rides even chattier and maintain a healthy diet. Here is to a new uni year with a fresh and happy start!

What about you? Do you have any new uni resolutions too? Let me know in the comments below.signature-omn

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