My Autumn Wishlist

I think that sharing my wishlists with anyone is embarrassing because some people might take them as a sign that I want them to buy the things on the list for me and that isn’t true… C’mon, I can’t be the only one who thinks like that? But lately, I’ve seen other bloggers do it so I thought I’d give it a try too. I mean, it’s technically like a shopping haul but of stuff that I haven’t bought (yet). Right?

If you’ve been around for a while, you’d know that I changed the way I dress over summer. I went from blouses to comfy t-shirts; and that’s when I did the t-shirt shopping spree. This autumn, I’m willing to do the same thing by losing the jackets that eat up most of outfits. But since my body literally freezes from the slightest cold breeze, I’m on the hunt for jacket alternatives. So here’s what I liked so far:

1) Accessorize Shoreditch Check Scarf: (EGP 218.5)scarf-2I’ve never been the kind of person who wears scarves because 1) I’m a hijabi so my headscarf does the job of warming my neck and 2) I always wear a jacket so unless I want to look like a bear, I only wear one of them. Also, I’m a strong believer that jackets more effectively keep you warm than scarves and since I can’t risk the cold, jackets have always been my choice. But apparently, there are scarves out there that are thick enough to protect you from the wind so this autumn (and winter), I’ll be switching to scarves. A couple of weeks ago, I came across this autumn-colored scarf at Accessorize and it felt so nice and soft on my hand. It’s actually bigger than it looks in the picture but I think it comes down to how you wear it. I want to wrap it around my shoulders so its size is perfect for me. There are a number of similar scarves on the website so make sure to check them out too if you’re interested.

2) ASOS Top in Oversized Boxy Fit in Textured Stripe: (EGP 287.5)image1xlI’m the kind of the person who would choose comfy over stylish; and that’s why I love this top! It looks so baggy and flowy, I feel like I could fit my cat under this top with me without him suffocating. Seriously though, every time I look at this top, I think of myself wearing it for an early quiet breakfast with a loved one outdoors where you get back home before anyone wakes up because it’s still early. Anyway, I think you could make this top look more autumny by wearing a mustard-colored skinny scarf on top.

3) ASOS Monki Color Block Sweatshirt: (EGP 287.5)autumny-colorsI don’t know if there are certain rules to consider a clothing item an autumn one or not, but based on my personal opinion, I think this sweatshirt is. I see pumpkin drawn all over the top half and Halloween drawn all over the bottom half. I’d wear this anywhere, but especially if I ever go pumpkin picking.

4) ASOS Wildfox Halloween Pumpkin Face Baggy Beach Jumper: (EGP 1138.5)halloween-jumperAutumn means Halloween as well and we know it, so it’s okay to throw in one halloweeny clothing item in this wishlist. Personally, I don’t like wearing jumpers with skeletons drawn on them, even if they were just for the sake of festivities. I just don’t think they look nice. So for Halloween, I always go for pumpkin-drawn-on tops. Now so far, this top is the one I like the most but I just noticed how ridiculously expensive it is… Surely there are other Halloween-themed tops out there that aren’t this expensive so I’ll keep looking. Regardless of the price, its bagginess and colors won me over.

5) Stradivarius Lace Up Track Brogues: (EGP 399)autumn-shoesI know these shoes shouldn’t be added to the whishlist because I already bought them but they’re autumn-themed so I had to! I came across this pair near the end of summer and I’ve fallen in love with them. I don’t usually buy mustard colored anything since they don’t match with all colors, but I instantly fell for these babies. When I wear them, I feel like I could fight Halloween evil spirits.

6) Bath and Body Works Caramel Pumpkin Swirl 3-Wick Candle: (EPG 202)pbbw1-24295594v850My mum lives on incenses while I live on candles, although I sometimes find her using my candle in her room. Bath and Body Works make the best scented candles I’ve ever smelt, but you all already know that. However, the store we have in Egypt doesn’t sell the latest releases so I don’t get to enjoy them until at least a year later. That doesn’t mean I don’t get to add a latest release in my wishlist though; the Caramel Pumpkin Swirl candle. I have no idea how it smells like but I imagine it’d make me feel warm on the inside.

7) Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar: (EGP 45.5)
8) Lush Monster’s Ball Bath Bomb: (EGP 48.5)

Now this is the one store I’m wishing upon the stars to open a branch in Egypt. I’m all about treating myself with a relaxing night at home every now and then, so yes nothing bothers me more than not being able to get my hands on Lush products. I’ve seen enough YouTube videos to get an insight into Lush and I like to believe that it’s another heavenly place on Earth. I like how creative their products are, especially the themed ones. These two Lush products are Halloween-themed; the Monster’s Ball is newly released while the Sparkly Pumpkin has been out for a while. Go check them out on their website to have an idea of what you and your baths are missing out on.

Although there are only 8 items in this wishlist, I feel like I’ve ranted for hours. Let me know in the comments below which item of this wishlist do you like the most, or even share with me your wishlist.


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