DIY: Autumn Bunting

Ever since I did my first DIY post, I have been dying to do another one! And since it’s autumn and I’ve been wanting to start decorating my room for a while, I thought of making autumn bunting myself. So I googled easy DIYs for the bunting but I either found ones that included sewing (which I’m terrible at) or ones that required costy material. And all I wanted was an easy and simple DIY that didn’t involve any of the previous. So I created my own DIY autumn bunting!


1) Glitter Foam Sheets (Orange – Red – Yellow – Green)
2) Embroidery Thread (Orange)
3) Autumn Leaf Printable Template
4) Double Stick Foam Tape
5) Cuttermaterial

When I mentally planned out this DIY, I thought I was going to print out leaves on white paper then cover them completely with glitter. And that’s why when I was at the stationery, I got autumn-colored glitter bottles at first. But thankfully on my way out, I came across the glitter foam sheets which made this DIY a lot easier and quicker for me. Although I did spend 4 hours on this DIY! Could you imagine how many more hours I’d have spent if I had used the glitter bottles?!

1) Choose an autumn leaf printable template:
At first I thought I was going to draw the leaves myself, but because I’m such a perfectionist and I wanted the leaves to be of exact size and shape, I printed out autumn leaves template. This again, made this DIY a lot easier and quicker for me, and made my perfectionist-self happy. I then cut the leaves out of the printed paper.leaves

2) Cut out the glitter foam sheets:
Using the leaf templates, I cut the glitter foam sheets out using the cutter. Scissors would do too, but a cutter is much sharper with the foam sheet, thus, quicker.glittery-leaves

3) Glue the leaves to the embroidery thread:
An embroidery thread is much thicker than a normal one and so will give more color, thus, a prettier look to the bunting when hung up on the wall. I, unfortunately, couldn’t get my hands on one so I went for a normal orange thread. I used the double stick foam tape to glue the leaves to the thread. I’m sure there’s a better way to do it; maybe using a super glue or a gun glue, but the double stick foam tape did the job for me. Tip: Arrange the leaves as close as possible to each other. Don’t leave gaps between the leaves unless you’re going to wrap another embroidery thread of different color in a way that would make the bunting prettier. Or anything that would fill the gap really, you get the idea.

4) Hang the bunting up on the wall:
I didn’t know there were certain ways to hang the bunting up in so I missed out on planning it out; it’s my first bunting to hang up ever. Maybe if I wasn’t so tired and sleepy then I’d have googled ideas… (Does that make me a bad blogger?) I just hung the bunting up in a loose line and that was really it for me.

Personally, I enjoyed cutting the leaves out of the glitter foam sheet the most; everything was glittery and sparkly, it was cheerful. Also, I was watching The Office whilst doing this DIY and I did say it took me around 4 hours to get it done so can you imagine how many episodes did I watch? I was in my happy zone! Surely the autumn bunting could have come out prettier and my perfectionist-self isn’t really satisfied with the final outcome, but at the end of the day, it’s my first bunting to make ever and it looks so sparkly! My mum really loved it, she said it was joyful! And that’s honestly the point of it; making us happy just by looking at it.

So did my glittery leaves send you joyful vibes too? Did you start decorating your room with autumny stuff? Share with me how you’re enjoying autumn so far in the comments below.


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7 thoughts on “DIY: Autumn Bunting

    1. I actually took a picture of the bunting after it was hung up but it didn’t look as pretty as it is in real life so I didn’t insert the photo here. I went on Pinterest too at first but like I mentioned above, most of the ideas required too much work and I really just wanted something simple. I’ll be looking forward to see your own bunting! 🙂


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