Reasons Why I Love Autumn

I’ve never been the kind of person who has one favorite thing of anything; whether it’s a color, a singer, a movie, or even a season. I’m more of a person who has a favorite list of things instead. But when it comes to the four seasons, I honestly don’t have a preference; I love all of them. I enjoy each season at its own time; I love the summer holidays, the crispy autumn air, the festive winter and the flowery spring vibes. However, you’ll always find me way too excited about the current season and I thought I’d share my excitement for autumn with you here.

Here in Egypt, we don’t really get to fully experience proper autumn. Some years feel like we skip autumn and jump right into the cold winter weather. While in some years, we get to enjoy the sight of leaves falling, the short drafts of cold air, and wear skinny scarves because we finally have a reason to. But I don’t care about this yearly change in the Egyptian weather because I will enjoy my autumn anyway.

Cozy Nights

I’m all about treating myself to cozy nights at home, and autumn is like one of the best times to do so. The weather is mostly chilly and it gets dark earlier than before. With an endless number of autumn scented candles out there and a range of super soft blankets I get to choose from, I can have the perfect stay-in at home. I wish there were autumnal movies though to completely get into the spirit of autumn, but that’s okay since I get to watch Halloween and Christmas movies instead. And so the early excitement for Christmas begins! I’m thinking of doing a Halloween movie marathon this autumn; not sure if it’s a good idea though since I’m terrified of horror movies… But it’s a festive couple of months and I’m so ready to sink into the festivities!


Going into the shops that have any festive decorations for whichever holiday/season instantly brightens my soul, even if I wasn’t going to buy anything at that moment. I love the variety of autumn home decorations; their colors make me feel warm on the inside; autumn makes me feel warm on the inside. Going home-shopping sometimes feels like playing the sims and I’m just buying anything in the decorations section to fill as many empty spaces as I can, and I love it. I can’t wait until I have my own house and decorate it according to seasons and holidays.

Autumn Clothes

Have you seen my autumn wishlist? There are endless choices of autumn clothes; from beanies to scarves to coats to sweatshirts to boots, and do not even get me started on the Halloweeny clothes. I love how creative the fashion designers get with the Halloween-inspired clothes one year after another; they amaze me sometimes. When I was writing my wishlist, it took me days to decide on the things I want. I understand that any lined piece of clothing will do the job of keeping me warm, but when I wear autumny clothes in autumn, I feel genuinely content. And that’s the whole point of festivities; to give people one more reason to be happy.


I know autumn doesn’t end until the 20th of December but for me, autumn ends on Halloween day. One of the major reasons I love autumn is because we get to celebrate Halloween. My love for Halloween started when I was little because of the trick or treat strolls that I’ve seen in movies. Unfortunately, we don’t have that in Egypt. We’ve only so recently started throwing public Halloween parties, so I’m hoping sometime in the near future we get to do trick or treat strolls for the kids as well but I’ll definitely be the first in line! Another thing I love about Halloween is its countless costumes, especially the kids’ ones; they always look adorable, particularly if they paint their faces as well. I can’t wait to dress up my kids and take endless photos of their cute selves. Also, there are so many Halloween activities to do from pumpkin picking to pumpkin carving to going to a Halloween horror farm; these are all just so fun! One day, I’m going to check those three activities off my bucket list.

I’m not going to lie; I always get way too excited about such festive times. So you’ll always find me talking enthusiastically about holidays and seasons because who doesn’t love them? Like I said earlier, they’re just more reasons to enjoy our life more.

So tell me about you; do you have a favorite season or holiday? Leave me a comment below.


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5 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Love Autumn

    1. I only wanna watch scary movies to get into the spirit of Halloween but I can’t bring myself to do it yet. But this year for me is all about challenging myself so maybe I’ll try and at least watch one movie after all. Maybe you should do that too, what do you think? x


    1. I’ve never drawn on anyone’s face for Halloween but I’m hoping I would this year. Keep an eye on my blog for I may post something similar to that. So glad you liked this post! x


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