Hug it Out

We all agree that autumn means more cozy nights at home; maybe with some lovely company or just yours alone. With a very soft blanket over your legs, a mug of a hot drink in your hand and a great movie or TV show to watch with the lights turned off; nothing can bring your soul down except your bleak thoughts. And that’s the last thing anyone would want on a much needed night that we literally plan ahead for, right?

A close friend of mine is currently going through a tough phase in her life and I’ve been trying to offer her support in every possible way. Whether it’s a song to cheer her up, a goofy act to make her laugh or a shoulder to sleep on, anything would really work as long as I’m just there for her. However, my attempts to make her feel okay are only temporary, and soon she’ll be consumed with her saddening thoughts again.

So along the process of trying to help my friend get through a rough time safe and sound, I came up with a few solutions which she finds very effective. And so she and I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you:

Find your Person

We all owe to it Meredith Grey and Christina Yang for showing us the importance of having “your own person”. For those of you who don’t know what that is, aka aren’t Grey’s Anatomy fans, having your own person is basically having a best friend who is like a comfort zone to you.

Text your Dark Thoughts Away

I have this theory that if one has a dark thought in mind and they don’t share it with anyone, that thought will eat them inside out. So I believe that one way to keep this from happening is to text your annoying thoughts to your person whenever you have them. That way, it’d feel like you’re letting go of your thoughts and setting them free into someone else’s mind who wouldn’t be annoyed by them. And you get to decide how the other person replies; they can either text you something short and sweet, an emoji, or nothing at all – whichever you think is best.

Hug your Thoughts Out

I came to the realization that a hug is just as powerful as comforting words, if not more powerful. A hug sometimes means that whichever words I say wouldn’t make you feel better so here is a hug because I understand what you’re going through so I’m just going to be here in case you need a drink or to blow a balloon. For me, that is the best kind of hug; a comfort hug; it makes my heart warmer. So if your dark thoughts ever haunt you, ask your person for a comfort hug and trust me it’ll feel okay for a while. Do it for as many times as you feel like in a day, and your day will become a short series of comfort hugs.

I know these tips don’t sound like much but when you’re tangled in your thoughts, you’ll find them very therapeutic. Plus, your problems don’t have to be seriously shitty for you to do the above. Whether your problems are big or small, serious or lame, we all deserve some peace of mind. And so some peace of mind we shall have! *a virtual high five if you understood The Office reference*


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