My Halloween Costume Picks

It has just hit me that Halloween is only 10 days away and I haven’t even used my Halloween pins and bragged about them publicly. It feels like only a few days ago it was the 1st of October! Where has the time gone?! Halloween will soon be knocking on our doors and we better welcome it with some amazingly bizarre costumes.

I’m 21 years old and I don’t think I have ever worn a costume except for the school recitals which don’t count. And honestly, I’m so looking forward to the first chance I get to wear a costume especially if it were for a Halloween party. I thought I was finally going to make it happen this year but my midterm exams are clashing with Halloween so I’d be lucky if I even watch one horror movie on the 31st. But, you could have better luck than me this year and properly dress up for Halloween so I thought I’d help you with that.

Here is a list of the costumes that I would have picked if I were to buy one costume from every shop I came across:

1) Bohemian Gypsy Adult Costume – Bal Masque: (LE 530)bohemian-gypsy

There are a couple of Gypsy costumes out there but this one stood out for me. Doesn’t it give an Italian vibe or is it just me who thinks so? It probably doesn’t since I suck when it comes to culture but I really like it anyway; so elegant and colorful.

2) Adult Olive Oyl Costume – Halloween Costumes: (LE 315)olive-oyl-popeye

I’m not going to lie; the main reason I’d buy this costume is because Pam wore it for one of the Halloween parties The Office had, and so I’m curious about how I’d look in it. Plus, who doesn’t love Popeye and Olive Oyl? They’re every child’s all-time favorite characters.

3) Adult Black Bat One Piece Costume – Party City: (LE 540)bat-costume

I’ve seen a couple of bat costumes online but this one instantly won me over. It looks so baggy that I feel like I could spend the rest of my life wearing it and won’t complain. Honestly, if I ever got this one, I might wear it as a onesie for cozy nights at home.

These three costumes were the only ones that caught my attention after an hour and 30 minutes of some serious Halloween costume online search. I was hoping to also find a pumpkin-inspired costume but the ones I found weren’t as cool as I hoped they would be. It’s okay though because I love the ones above, but in case you have a different taste in costumes than mine, here are a few shops in Cairo to have a look in: The Party Station, Lil and Kim, Toy and Joy, Neverland, Bal Masque, and Lovely Lace.

Even though I won’t be wearing any costume to any Halloween party this year, I got very excited about the idea of buying costumes. So let the countdown for Halloween begin and let’s start the preparations, shall we? Only 10 days are left for the pumpkins to burst with ghosts! *tick tock tick tock* Let me know in the comments below your plans for Halloween, even if it wasn’t anything special.


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