October, 2016

Why do I feel like October was the most festive time this year, even though it cannot be true? I mean, we still have Christmas and that is always the most festive time of any year which tops all the other festivities all over the world. There is no argument in that! However, I may have enjoyed my October a bit too much considering the little effort I put into it to make it as festive as possible.

Just a week before October started, autumn has fallen upon us (what movie is that line from?) I wanted to enjoy every bit of it by wearing long thick scarves and walking on tree leaves, but Egypt couldn’t grant me my number 1 wish for last month. I still wear summer clothes because it still gets sweaty here sometimes. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the supposedly-autumn-season; I still blogged about autumn, read so many autumn-inspired blog posts and watched YouTube videos as well. And surprisingly, those ways worked to put me in a cozy autumnal mood, until I stepped foot into the street and it was all sunny and hot. So here I am, starting November with one wish that would hopefully come true before it ends; and that is for the weather to get chilly. Weather please? Pretty please?

Egypt is not the country to visit in October if you don’t want to miss out on all the Halloween festivities in most countries. Don’t get me wrong; we do have Halloween-themed shops and parties on the 31st, but they’re usually nothing mind-blowing. We don’t have trick or treats nor do we have scary farms, which are like two of the Halloween things I’m usually most excited about. But again, I refused to let that stop me so I enjoyed the Halloween celebrations online and I was supposed to do like pre-Halloween preparations at home, but I had midterm exams so I couldn’t make that happen. *puppy face* Hopefully next year, I’ll make these preparations happen no matter what and share them not-so-spooky plans with you guys. Eeek!

I always say that one shouldn’t limit their wishes because there is no fancy ladder to climb, but they should instead use the crooked ladder because it’d still grant them their wishes anyway. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do when it comes to the many festivities that aren’t well celebrated in Egypt; I create the festive mood myself. For autumn, I made my own autumn bunting while for Halloween, my friends got me some amazing Halloween-inspired pins; my bag and pencil case never looked more festive! I was sad to take them off yesterday; it felt like taking the decorations down, and I never ever want to take any decorations down; they’re always cheerful! Also because these pins aren’t just regular Halloween pins, but they’re pins that my friends got me as a surprise gift so they’re special. Halloween to me was all about those pins.halloween-pins

October wasn’t as festive as I had wished it to be but at least it was at some point. I really did enjoy the festive aura I created for myself and I’ll continue to create for Christmas! We still have less than 2 months to Christmas day but most people start to prep for it on the 1st of December so technically we only have one month left for the most joyous time of the year. I do have blog plans for Christmas which I’ll start working on this month so I’ll get in the Christmas mood way early this year and I am SO excited!

Let me know in the comments below how your October was and if you have any exciting plans this November; I’d like to know you guys a little better.


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