Me and My Colorful Jar

It all started when I found an empty jar that no one needed at home. So I thought I’d create something with it. I see people reusing jars all the time whether for storage purposes or decorative purposes so I wanted to give it a try too. And when it comes to DIYs, Pinterest is everyone’s best friend; even though Pinterest’s way always requires a trip to the stationery which “ain’t nobody got time for that”!

At first, I came across creating element jars which really caught my attention but they required cotton balls, acrylic paint, glitter and really tiny jars. I didn’t have any of the previous except the cotton balls so I thought I could use alternatives like watercolor paint, scrub glitter off the glitter foam I had and my small-sized jar. For those of you who don’t know what an element jar is; it’s basically a jar that combines the color of one basic element like the sun, or the earth …etc. in a gradient-like way. I wanted to do the sun element jar because of course its colors are so bright and cheerful; I imagined I’d internally feel the same way every time I’d look at it. So I used my alternative stationery hoping it’d work and that it would look really amazing, but it didn’t. Two of my friends actually thought I was stuffing small-sized apricots in a jar… #Awkward

But I don’t give up easily, ha! I still wanted to make something out of this jar with just the stationery I owned. I tried to get creative on my own so I wrote a short quote on the jar and thought of drawing something really nice around it, but it didn’t look good either. So I just picked up a brush and started coloring the jar with all the watercolors I had. There was no system for my choice of colors; I just painted with whichever color I felt like using. I sometimes even mixed two colors together. I felt like I was attending an art class for primary school but I was so determined to create something with this jar that I didn’t care that I wasn’t doing anything advanced. I just enjoyed my time painting a glass jar with watercolors whilst watching vlogs; it was fun and kind of relaxing.rainbow-jar


Now, I have a colored jar which I have zero idea what to do with! So maybe you guys could suggest ideas in the comments below. I’d really like to make use of my colorful jar so that I keep its memory alive. Cheers!


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