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When you look good, you feel good. That is a fact I’ve been reminding myself of for the past few months. When I make an extra effort to dress up nicely in the morning, the day treats me back nicely. When I wake up on the wrong side of the bed but I force myself to wear the nicest outfit I own, my mood becomes as nice as my clothes. So I’m one of those people who believe that clothes have as much an effect on our mood as a great day. And because we’re only 23 days away from Christmas, I’d like to have as much festive days as I can. And what better way to get festive other than dressing up festively?

I’ve done some Christmas jumper online shopping and I thought I’d share it with you in case you too fancy radiating festive vibes. Here is what I liked so far:

1) ASOS Club L Fairisle Scenic Snowman Christmas Jumper: (EGP 360)
2) ASOS Club L Snowman Christmas Jumper with Fairisle Sleeves: (EGP 360)

There are a number of different Christmas clothing designs out there and I’d like to have one of every kind. These two jumpers simply scream Christmas; with the snowman standing next to Christmas trees and the candy cane inspired pattern. Like imagine wearing these on a snowy Christmas Eve; you’d look perfect amid the snowy festive time. I personally like the first jumper more; it screams Christmas but just a bit quieter.

3) Next Red Novelty Rudolph Christmas Jumper: (EGP 680)

There is always going to be at least one Christmassy jumper that has Rudolph on it in any clothing shop. It’s just a must have in every shop and so it’s a must have in my closet. This is one of my favorite Christmas jumpers this year, probably because of Rudolph’s pompom red nose. I love pompoms, or anything that sticks out of clothes; they make clothes look much cooler.

4) ASOS Boohoo Bobble Hat Penguin Christmas Jumper: (EGP 360)

Speaking of pompoms, this is another jumper that won me over because of its big red pompom. It has an oversized fit which makes it so cozy to put on, and if you wear an oversized scarf with it you’ll feel warm and festive from head to toe!

5) Next JDY Christmas Print Sweater: (EGP 280)
6) ASOS Boohoo Sleigh My Name Christmas Jumper: (EGP 300)

I’m one of those people who cares more about what’s written on a top than its actual design. Whenever I see someone wearing a top with a catchy phrase on it, I instantly like them more. These two jumpers made me laugh when I first saw it and that’s the kind of attitude I’d like to maintain especially on such festive days. I love them!

7) Topshop Sequin Gingerbread Man Jumper: (EGP 720)
sequin-gingerbreadI’ve never eaten gingerbread man cookies before so I really don’t know if they taste any good, but ever since I’ve seen that little gingerbread man on Shrek, I find it cute as a fictional character. And that’s why this jumper is easily one of my favorites; it has sequined tiny gingerbread men wearing Santa’s hat on it. Also, I think it’s perfect for times when you want to look festive but not too festive.

8) Next Navy Christmas Sequin Pudding Jumper: (EGP 520)

Am I the only one who thinks these prints are baubles? The shop says they’re pudding prints but I don’t see it. I love sequined anything on jumpers so this also makes it to my favorite jumpers. On a side note, I like when designers keep the festive pattern up to the sleeves as well.

9) Primark Christmas Tree Light Up: (EGP 320)sequenced-treeThis is a basic black jumper that only has this big Christmas tree with sequined baubles and a star on top. It has a proper Christmas tree on it but it gives a smart festive look. This goes well for less casual days or when you feel like wearing black without ruining the festive mood.

10) TK Maxx Green Fairisle Patterned Jumper: (EGP 200)

A classic Christmassy jumper with reindeers on it that is too green to blend in with a Christmas tree for people who appreciate a classic style. If you wear this with a red scarf, you’d be a walking Christmas spirit. I have a sense of classic style so this is a must-have for me. It’s the kind of jumper I’d wear on Christmas morning!

11) ASOS Club L Rudolph Merry Christmas Jumper: (EGP 360)

If Chandler Bing were to judge my collection of Christmas Jumpers, he’d probably say: Could it get any more Christmassy?! And then I’d go like oh yeah and show him this jumper that has a red-nosed Rudolph wearing Santa’s hat on it and written underneath it “Merry Christmas” in a big-sized font. Then he’d most likely joke about it so I’d go show Phoebe instead because she believes in Santa and she’d appreciate my very Christmassy jumper.

There were a couple of favorite jumpers in this collection but now that I’ve gone through them all, I think they’re all my favorites. Let me know in the comments below which jumper did you like the most? Let there be a festive chat below!


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