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If I could get one wish this Christmas other than spending this jolly time abroad, it’d be christmasizing my home. But I can’t do that because I live with my parents and they don’t do Christmas decorations so that sucks. In fact, they don’t do any kind of decorations at all, unless they’re fancy and expensive… that they might do. Anyway, a festive home makes a festive soul; and I’m all about the festivities whether they’re big or small.

Shopping for holidays or seasons is probably one of my favorite things to do. The stores always amaze me with the variety of holiday-themed products they sell; they either go big or crazy, and I don’t mind either one haha. If only I could buy every product that gets my attention… for the time being, I can show them to you though:

Bedding Sets
1) M&S Brushed Cotton Tartan Checked Bedding Set: (EGP 993 – 1,585)

2) George Home Snowmen on Skis Reversible Duvet Set: (EGP 201 – 321)


If you wanna go for fancy Christmas decorations, you should probably stick with the first bedding set. It is so chic! But if you want a bedding set that screams Christmas, then the second set is definitely the one for you. I personally love the first one, but I’d love to have the second one too. I could literally picture myself having a great night sleep on either of them.

1) Tesco Warm White Fairy Lights on Black Cable: (EGP 442)

2) Tesco Battery Operated Light Up Snowflake Christmas Light: (EGP 602)

3) Tesco Berry Colored Christmas Lights: (EGP 301)

4) Tesco Large Glass Bell Jar with Star Fairy Lights: (EGP 501)

5) Tesco Light Up Star Christmas Light: (EGP 552)


Imagine a room full of these lights all lit up while you’re lying on the couch covered with your soft blanket and watching a Christmas movie! Now tell me that won’t make you feel all festive and snuggly on the inside? It’s almost impossible. And that’s a setting I’d love my room to look like.

1) George home ‘Deck the Halls’ Light Up Sign:  (EGP 201)download-22) Tesco Hanging Oval Wooden Christmas ‘Jingle Bells’ Sign: (EGP 141)jingle-frame

Snow Globes
1) George Home Santa Snow Globe: (EGP 160.5)


This is different from all the other snow globes I’ve seen; I like it so much! On a side note, whenever I get a new snow globe, I usually spend the first day shaking it so I watch the snow fall. Then the child in me secretly wishes that she’d be inside the globe. #ChristmasConfession

Christmas Sacks
1) George Home Giant Christmas Sack: (EGP 201)

2) Tesco Large Felt Christmas Sack Gift Bags: (EGP 221)christmas-sack-yo 3) Tesco 25th December Red Hessian Christmas Sack: (EGP 191)


Whether they’d be filled with gifts or just fake fillings, I’d love to have these under my tree! Not only would they look picture-perfect, but waking up to these ‘filled’ sacks would make the idea of Santa feel so real. And if you get the red and green ones (my favorite), they could be like a set for couples where they fill their sack with gifts for their partners until they open it on the 25th.

In a perfect world, where I have no responsibilities, I’d have bought all of the above and most of the Christmas stuff in Tesco! When I move to my own house, it’d be really hard not to buy every Christmas item that I like. Let me know in the comments below which of my choice of Christmas decorations do you like, or if there is an item you’re dying to get. Until tomorrow’s blogmas, cheers!


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10 thoughts on “Christmasize your Home | Blogmas

  1. Love your choices,some great lights from tesco that I didn’t know about.I love snow globes and fireplace lights,i have the john lewis holly berry lights and their hohoho sign on mine atm.I always get some christmas bedding from asda too,they have great choices that are affordable.Looking forward to tomorrows post x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad you found my post helpful. To be honest, I wish I could use all of the above lights at the same time; that would make one hell of a festive room, ha? I love Asda’s beddings; they always have the best holiday/season-themed stuff.
      Thank you for reading my post! Hope you like the coming ones too. xx


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