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One of the best things about Christmas is gifts; whether you’re giving or receiving them, they always feel great. I like when people invest time and effort into getting the perfect gift for someone; that’s my favorite part of the whole process. When you care so much about someone that you actually consider their wishes and interests to get them a gift that would genuinely make them happy, and it’s not because of its actual value but the one you added to it. *happy sigh* The cheapest gift could easily be the most precious and valuable one to a person when it reflects how much thought have been put into it. I couldn’t find a better time for considerate gifts other than through secret Santa!

To be honest, I didn’t know what secret Santa was until a few years back, and even then I didn’t know what it was exactly… Then only two months ago, I was watching an episode of The Office where they did secret Santa and that’s when I really understood how it works. And for two months now, I’ve been dying to do secret Santa with my friends; I think it’s great to anonymously give and receive gifts. I already have an idea of the gift I could get for my friends so that when we draw names I’d go and buy it straight away.

A little heads up; when shopping for secret Santa, you need to keep it simple but thoughtful. It majorly depends on your friend’s interests and that is when your thoughtful-self kicks in. I have a couple of ideas in mind so I thought it’d be great to share them with you.

If your friend is the kind of person who doesn’t mind christmasizing everything including their self, then the following would be perfect gifts:
1) Accessorize Fishing Penguin Socks: (EGP 122)xmas-socks-1

2) Accessorize All Over Santa Socks: (EGP 122)xmas-socks-2

3) Accessorize Reindeer Socks: (EGP 122)xmas-socks-3

4) Accessorize Snowman Stripe Socks:  (EGP 122)xmas-socks-4

5) ASOS Christmas Tree Sock with Glitter and 3D Welt: (EGP 74)christmas-tree-socks

6) ASOS Nutmeg Christmas Snowman Slippers: (EGP 210)santa-slippers-1

7) New Look Christmas Jumper: (EGP 315)jingle-bells-jumper

If your friend has a sense of humor and appreciates bizarre gifts, then maybe get them one of the following:
8) Accessorize Unicorn Shower Cap: (EGP 200)unicorn-shower-cap

9) ASOS Nevada Sky Unicorn Slippers: (EGP 294)unicorn-slippers

There are a couple of other gifts that depend on your friend’s persona, so you do the ‘thoughtful’ math and see if they’d love any of the following gifts:
10) The Little Book of Positivity: (EGP 126)book-of-positivityIf your friend is all about positive thinking and trying to keep a positive lifestyle, then this book would definitely be a great gift for them.

11) Wreck This Journal: (EGP 132)51ga6dablwl-_sx332_bo1204203200_This is the perfect gift for someone who loves to make memories and hold on to moments. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this journal, it basically asks its readers to do unusual things to it, so that along the way you create memories and have lots of fun. You’ll be very surprised with yourself and the outcome of this journal; I’ve heard some funny stories!

12) Sass & Belle Time to Explore Passport Holder: (EGP 137)passport-holderWhether your friend travels a lot or didn’t get the chance to yet but is still obsessed with travelling, this would be a very considerate gift. A passport holder with a travelling-inspired quote on it is a gift a passionate traveler would hold on tight to. And they’d probably never forget their passport too lol.

13) Zoella Beauty Hungry Hands Hand Cream: (EGP 116)zoella_beauty_hungry_hands_hand_cream_90ml_1472649664If your friend pampers herself from time to time with skin-care products, then you should get her this. It’s gingerbread scented, could it be any more Christmassy? She’d be walking with Christmas-smelling hands.

So these were my suggestions if you’re doing secret Santa this year! If I could, I’d spoil myself this Christmas and get them all for myself. But since this isn’t how secret Santa works, one of my friends will be very lucky to have me as their secret Santa. Let me know in the comments below which item did you like the most, and if you’re doing secret Santa too! Until tomorrow’s blogmas, cheers!


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