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Almost one year has passed since I started my blog and I’ve never done a Q&A before. So I think it’s about time I do one now especially if it’s all about Christmas! I’ve written personal posts before but this is like a different level of getting personal that I haven’t encountered before so I’m kind of nervous… yet very excited because this is my first Q&A! woot woot Anyway, let’s go on with it:

Q1: What is your Christmas morning routine?
On my usual ordinary mornings, I must watch something while I have my breakfast. So during this time and until Christmas day, I always enjoy my breakfast while watching vlogmas; and that is the first thing I do on my December days.

Q2: What is your favorite Christmas film?
A couple of days ago, I shared with you a list of movies I’ll be watching this Christmas. I’ve watched most of them already, yet Rise of the Guardians is my absolute favorite and I’m not ashamed of it. It still seems so magical even after watching it a couple of times already.

Q3: What is your Christmas playlist?
This here is my Christmas playlist; it has been on repeat since mid-November. I truly believe that that playlist was my main motivation to do blogmas. I’m adding more songs to it each day so I’m enjoying it even more as we get closer to the 25th.

Q4: What Christmas song do you listen to way too much?
I’ve been listening to “Mistletoe by Justin Bieber” for years now even when it’s so far away from Christmas time. There is something about that song that makes it so pleasant to my ears that it’s easily my favorite Christmas song… I can’t figure out what it is though.

Q5: Which do you prefer the most: doing Christmas decorations, buying gifts and wrapping them, or opening your gifts?
I love decorating my place whether it was for Christmas or not, so when it comes to joyful Christmas decorations, it’s like a happy treat to my soul. I’m instantly on cloud nine when I’m surrounded with Christmas vibes.

Q6: When do you open your presents: on Christmas Eve or Christmas day?
I like to open the stocking gifts on Christmas Eve and the other ones on Christmas day itself. This way I get to enjoy opening gifts on those too jolly times.

Q7: Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?
I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy receiving gifts because I so do. However, I like the effort I invest into someone’s gift more, knowing that it’ll for sure draw a smile on their face; I’m a sucker for the happiness of others.

Q8: Who is the hardest person you know to buy presents for?
My mum is definitely the hardest person I know to get gifts for. She is so picky when it comes to gifts she receives; she is like a real-life Rachel Green. Whether it’s Christmas or her birthday, I’m almost always uncertain about what her present would be.

Q9: What is the most Christmassy thing you own?
My Christmas pajama is my favorite and most Christmassy thing I own. No matter how many Christmas items I purchase, my PJ will always win. It is a very soft all red PJ with white snowflakes on the bottom and a big HO on the top; I love it!

Q10: Do you prefer colored lights or white lights?
I think it depends on my mood, and the general color scheme I choose for the home decorations. This year, I’ve been loving the while lights so much; I guess you can tell from the decorations I picked this Christmas. All white all lights are making me so calm on the inside!

Q11: Candy canes or gingerbread men?
I’m all about the sweets so I’ll definitely choose candy canes over anything to be honest.

Q12: What is your favorite Christmas baking?
Cookies would be the most obvious answer but to me, they come in second place. Cupcakes with whichever Christmas topping come in first place; the more decorative they are, the more appealing they are to my tummy.

Q13: What are you most excited about this Christmas?
I’m a movie buff so I’m usually most excited to watch Christmas movies and vlogmas, but this year I’m most excited about doing blogmas. Since uni eats up almost all of my time, I didn’t think I’d do blogmas this year until mid-November. But because I love blogging and these festive times so much, I couldn’t just miss out on it. So I’m very excited to see how my blogmas posts turn out to be. Will I succeed in writing 25 posts on time, study for my exams, and carry on with my usual life? I don’t know, it’s quite challenging!

Q14: What are your favorite thing and your least favorite thing about Christmas?
My favorite thing about Christmas is how a great majority of the world is in a festive mood for most of December; the streets, the shops, and the people send cheerful vibes. I and the world kind of think alike for a few weeks, thus spread a positive vibe across the countries. Christmas is truly a happy time! With that being said, I can’t think of one thing I dislike about Christmas, unless I can complain about the ridiculous pricing of certain stuff…

Q15: If you can invite any celebrity to have Christmas dinner at your house, who would it be?
I’d like to invite Zoe Sugg then, because she is the Christmasiest celebrity I’ve ever seen. I think her biggest project should be having her own Christmas hotel which she decorates herself; can you imagine? It’ll be like the chocolate factory but less of the chocolate and omba lumba songs, and more of the candy canes and Christmas songs.

Q16: Where do you actually spend your holiday?
For the time being, I spend it at home usually studying for my final exam which always happens to be the day after Christmas day. But hopefully after the coming two years, that’s when I graduate, I’ll be spending Christmas somewhere festive.

Q17: What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?
It’s either Disneyland Paris or Times Square New York, or any place where they perform festive parades.

Q18: Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you stick to them?
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not good with lists. Each year I try to write down my new resolutions but I fail to keep them every time. So I have accepted the fact that I’ll never be able to have a resolutions’ list, and that’s why last year I just texted my list to a friend hoping that I’d blindly sick to them. I only remember a few, and some of these few have been achieved before 2017 and for that I’m thankful.

So here you go; now you know me 18 times better than you’ve known me 10 minutes ago. I was nervous at first to do a Q&A but it was really fun answering them; let me know if you want more of this kind of posts. I love when things get personal because that’s when people really connect! Question 14 was the hardest one for me to answer so leave me yours in the comments below. Until tomorrow’s blogmas, cheers!


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