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Whether it’s a holiday, a birthday, or no special occasion at all, it’s nice to spoil your loved one from time to time. I personally think there is no better time to shower your special someone with a luxurious gift other than this jolly time. So if you can pay an arm and a leg to make your dearest one the happiest they’ve ever been, then make this Christmas extra special and memorable for you both.

I still stand by my saying that the value of a gift isn’t its actual value but the one within, and this still goes for luxurious gifts as long as they’re thoughtful ones. I tried to include a variety of gifts in this guide so that it’d match a number of interests, or at least it’d put you on the right track. So here are the very luxurious gifts that got my attention and I’d buy them all for myself if I could:

1) Lush – Deck the Halls gift set: (EGP 1862)

2) Lush – Father Christmas gift set: (EGP 580)

3) ASOS New Look – Christmas Elf Pyjama Trouser Set: (EGP 446)elf-pj4) The Body Shop – Strawberry Ultimate Collection: (EGP 780)ultimate-box-tbs5) Space.NK.apothecary – Aromatherapy Associates: (EGP 760)aromatherapy6) Space.NK.apothecary – The Big Sleep: (EGP 1560)deep-sleep7) M&S – Luxury Hooded Shimmer Dressing Gown: (EGP 1005)robe8) Bath & Body Works – Japanese Cherry Blossom gift set: (EGP 483)babw

Now I know that some of the gift suggestions are really expensive, but every penny you pay will be worth the sparkly joy you’ll see in your loved one’s eyes when they open their gift. At that moment, you’ll feel a joyous sense of accomplishment and success just because you were the reason for their happiness. Those are my favorite kind of moments! Whether you’re on a budget or you’re loaded this Christmas, there is always going to be that moment if you just invest time and effort into the gift. I’ve received an early luxurious Christmas gift from my precious one and it is already the highlight of my Christmas. So make sure you’re the highlight of your precious one’s Christmas this year too. Until tomorrow’s blogmas, cheers!signature-omn

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