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“A festive home makes a festive soul; and I’m all about the festivities whether they’re big or small”, that is a quote of mine that I live by for all the holidays and seasons’ house decorations. A few blogmas posts ago, I’ve showed you the decorations I’d have gotten for my house if I could have gone big this Christmas. But this year, and the next ones until I get my own home, I’ll be going small with the festive decorations. And by small I mean, as far as a DIY Christmas decoration.

Considering the little time I have on my hands, I wanted to do an easy and simple DIY similar to the autumn bunting I recently did. So I went on Pinterest for Christmas decorations’ inspiration and I came across a number of great ideas, but they made me wonder about how they create such picture perfect products? It’s so confusing and disappointing; especially that I’m a perfectionist myself so my products should too look picture perfect! Hmph, like that is going to stop me from having myself a small Christmas decoration in my room.

When I started making this DIY, I had this very simple idea in mind where I just spell out “Merry Christmas” on the wall, but instead I ended up with an extra special version of that; I’m very happy with how it turned out to be.

1) Glitter Foam Sheets (Red – Green – Yellow – Orange)
2) Super Glue
3) Paper Clips
4) Cutter
5) Cork

First, you need to draw all the letters of the chosen phrase in 2D on a glitter foam sheet, and cut them out using a cutter. Then, stick those letters on the back of a glitter foam sheet in a funky way if you want to; that’s how I did mine. Also, I did cut around the phrase just because I think it looks cooler that way, so you get to decide that too. You then draw and cut out a Christmas tree on a green glitter foam sheet, obviously, some colorful baubles, and a yellow star to go on top of the tree. Glue all the Christmas tree essentials together, and attach it to the phrase using a green paper clip. Last but not least, glue the back of the phrase to a bulky piece of cork and hang it on the wall.


There you have it; a very easy and cool Christmas decoration to create yourself. It doesn’t just send festive vibes; it has a Christmas tree that sways from side to side. So put some Christmas music on, give that hanging tree a little push and sway along; that’s what I’ve doing since I’ve had it up there. It cannot not send you festive vibes if you do that! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve created any Christmas decoration yourself, or if there’s a particular one you’d like to do sometime. Until tomorrow’s blogmas, cheers!


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