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Since I’m a Muslim, a lot of people get confused when they know that I love celebrating Christmas. So I’d like to address that now once and for all; surely Christmas is a Christian celebration, however, most of the world views it as a universal holiday where a great majority of people who are neither religious nor even Christian celebrate it. I’m one of that majority, and if it weren’t for my family’s traditions, I would have had a Christmas tree lighting up my house right now… because I love Christmas and here is why!

Universal Celebration

I’m a very optimistic person; the kind who tries to see the beauty in everything, even if it were in the darkest tunnel. One of my life goals is to help people notice and fall in love with the little things, because that’s when they’d truly enjoy living each day as it comes. And I think that a great number of people get so close to enjoying the little things only when it’s Christmas time; with the festive decorations out in the streets and inside the houses, people become genuinely happy. So during that joyous time, I get to live among happy people and walk across cheerfully decorated shops. I get to enjoy the little things alongside people who I don’t know without talking them into it. I get to go the extra mile to being festive without being judged, because there is always going to be someone out there who goes two extra miles instead. I get to enjoy each as it comes with the majority of the world who celebrate Christmas too, because it is a holly jolly universal holiday!

Christmas Movies

There was a time when I used to watch two movies a day, now I’d be lucky if I get to watch one movie a week and sometimes even a month! That doesn’t make me any less of a movie buff though, because I still zone out of the world whenever I watch a film. Movies were and still are my escapism from real world; whether my soul needs a lift up or I need to be carried away by some unrealistic story, movies do the job for me. So because Egypt doesn’t offer the Christmas I wish for, I literally spend December watching as many Christmas movies as I can because they carry me away to the Christmas land I dream of. And as soon as I finish writing blogmas posts, I’ll be watching Christmas movies back to back until the 25th; I cannot wait!

Christmas Gifts

Like everyone else, I love gifts; whether I’m buying or receiving them, but they’re not specifically one of the main reasons I love Christmas. You see, because of gifts, the industry constantly makes new products which always blow my mind away with their brilliance and creativity. So to me, walking into shops during Christmas time is like going on an Easter egg hunt and finding newly colored eggs that you didn’t know existed before. Simply, Christmas is a yearly treasure hunt for cool catchy products, and I like to go through them all.

I feel like I’ve already talked too much about the Christmas I never have just because I never had a proper one, but I’ve been enjoying my very basic Christmases so far and that’s what is important. Those reasons are enough for me at the moment to make this festive time one of my favorite holidays ever. However, I do love to know about other people’s reasons for why they love Christmas so leave me a comment below with yours. Until tomorrow’s blogmas, cheers!


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