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One of the most important things in every house celebrating Christmas, if not the most, is having a Christmas tree. And what is a Christmas tree if it isn’t decorated with festive baubles and lights? I’m one of those people who love seeing other people’s Christmas trees; that’s one reason I watch vlogmas, and tree decorating videos. The in-house Christmas trees always reflect their owner’s true colors; whichever theme they choose their trees to be, the trees always tell so much about their owner(s). So to me, seeing a decorated Christmas tree is way deeper than just enjoying how festive it is!

I feel like almost everything about Christmas is my favorite thing to do during this time, but honestly, I enjoy bauble shopping so much I could never have enough of them. My absolute favorite baubles are the customized ones; now these are the ones I look forward to finding on a family Christmas tree. So I thought I’d share with you my love for baubles because how can I just keep it for myself? Keep in mind that your choice for baubles depends on the color theme you choose for your tree, so none of the following baubles necessarily match with one another:

1) Balsam Hill – Led Fairy Light Baubles (set of three): (EGP 795)

2) John Lewis – Shangri-La Crackled Egg Bauble, Pink: (EGP 80)green-bauble3) John Lewis – Chamonix Scalloped Bauble, Red/White: (EGP 102)red-glittery-bauble4) John Lewis – Snowshill Golden Tree Bauble: (EGP 70)white-gold-bauble5) John Lewis – Ruskin House Antique Onion Bauble, Red/White: (EGP 90)gold-red-bauble6) John Lewis – Snowshill Stag Winter Scene Bauble: (EGP 90)deer-bauble7) John Lewis – Chamonix Christmas Script Bauble, Red: (EGP 103)all-i-want-bauble8) John Lewis – Ruskin House Dandelion Bauble, Red: (EGP 103)red-gold-baubless9) John Lewis – Ostravia Glitter Swirl, Gold: (EGP 90)gold-bauble10) M&S – A-Z Glass Individual Baubles: (EGP 90 each)merry-xmas

To be honest, I can’t decide on which is my favorite of them all; they’re all festive, joyous, and pretty! If it weren’t for the color theme, I’d put them all on one tree. However, I do believe that the bauble manufacturers out there could still do better and come up with the coolest and most dazzling baubles ever, so I’ll be waiting impatiently for next year’s ones. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite bauble is, if you have one, and if you reuse last Christmas’s tree decorations for this year. Let’s have a Christmas chat down below! Until tomorrow’s blogmas, cheers!


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