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Out of all the gifts we receive for Christmas, stocking gifts are the ones I look forward to the most. Whether it’s my stocking or not, I love having a peek into someone’s stocking. It’s like you never know what to expect the gifts to be; they could be funny, ridiculous, bizarre, meaningful, or valuable. The element of surprise keeps me on the edge of my seat when it comes to opening stocking presents; especially that they come up with the weirdest and most practical products nowadays.

Even though the stocking gifts are small in size so you’re limited to certain gift size, you still get to put some thought into it. When you go shopping for someone’s stocking fillers, you need to get something that either matches their personality so that it draws a smile on their face, or something that is the total opposite of who they are so that it makes them giggle. Either one you choose, a stocking gift should be memorable in some way. So here are my suggestions for stocking fillers that should give you an idea or two:

1) Boots – Ted Baker Mini Must Haves: (EGP 280)ted-baker-minis2) Prezzy Box – Panoramic Smartphone Pod: (EGP 117)panoramic-pod3) John Lewis – This Works Sleep Tight gift set: (EGP 280)sleep-tight4) M&S – Santa Cat Mug: (EGP 115)santa-cat-mug5) Zoella – Secret Santa Mini Mist set: (EGP 345)scene-zoe6) Boohoo – Christmas Mermaid Blanket: (EGP 575)mermaid-tail-bohoo7) Boohoo – Eva Father Christmas Print Scarf: (EGP 130)xmas-scarf8) Monki – Sleeping Mask: (EGP 115)sleeping-mask9) Top Shop – Dreamopedia: An A to Z of Dreams and What They Mean Book: (EGP 185)dream-book10) Top Shop – Christmas Santa Necklace: (EGP 160)santa-necklace

I’ve probably said this in the previous blogmas posts, but I wish I had enough money to spoil my loved ones with endless gifts that I think they’d love. Because honestly, in every gift guide I’ve done so far, every item included is based on the likings of my family and friends… so it’s only fair that I should get them those because I know it’d make them happy. Anyway, these were my picks for stocking gifts which hopefully you’d find helpful. Of course, you can find more suggestions in my secret Santa gift guide, on budget gift guide, and luxury gift guide. Let me know in the comments below what was the best stocking gift you’ve received so far. Until tomorrow’s blogmas, cheers!


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