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Can you believe that it’s already the 20th of December and we’re only four days away from Christmas day? Where has the time gone? I keep asking that question since last February and somehow we’re only ten days away from the new year… Woah! So just before time goes much faster than this that Christmas ends, I’d like to take a few minutes and list down the things I’m grateful for this holiday.

This Christmas has been extra special than the ones before even though I haven’t been out and about much, because apparently having a degree is much more important than celebrating this joyous time. However, just like I always tell you guys, don’t let your environment limit your happiness because it cannot be limited unless you let it be. Because I didn’t depend on my surroundings to enjoy the festivities, I’ve had the most enjoyable Christmas so far:

1) Blog
As most of you know, I’ve only started blogging earlier in January so this is the first Christmas I celebrate while having this blog. And as I’ve mentioned in the first blogmas post, I wasn’t originally planning on doing blogmas until thankfully, I changed my mind in mid-November. If it wasn’t for blogmas, I wouldn’t have enjoyed Christmas as much as I’m enjoying it today. If it wasn’t for blogmas, I wouldn’t have eaten the yummiest home-baked Christmas cookies, created very festive Christmas cards, came across the coolest and loveliest Christmas gifts, or even watched the Christmas movies I swore to never ever watch. It all helped me get very festive; mentally and emotionally. Also, if it wasn’t for blogmas, I wouldn’t have ever challenged myself to daily blog for 25 days. So I’ve personally grown through this too, in a very enjoyable way. So if you’re wondering will I ever do blogmas again, my answer is probably yes; I loved and enjoyed blogmas so much so why wouldn’t I?

2) YouTube
Since I haven’t been out and about much this holiday, I’ve been completely dependent on my favorite youtubers to show me the street Christmas festivities I’m missing on. One thing I’m very grateful for and I don’t think Christmas can be this big of a deal if it wasn’t for it is Christmas decorations. I love how different people are when it comes to decorations; they could be messy, elegant, simple, or extreme, but they’re always cheerful and instantly lift you up. Another thing I love to watch in the videos is the Christmas markets; they’re always huge and joyous. I wanted to go see the Christmas markets that took place in Cairo but, once again, final exams came in the way.

3) Family and Friends
My mum, brother and friends have been very supportive since they’ve known that I’m doing blogmas. It has been really hard to balance between uni and blog, and to be honest, I haven’t been able to do that yet. I mean, up till this day, I’m not even sure if I’ll succeed in writing the remaining 5 posts on time or not… even though for someone who has written 20 posts, writing another 5 don’t seem like much trouble. So without my family and friends’ support, I would have already broken down and lost faith in myself. And so I’d like to thank them for keeping me motivated and believing that I can do blogmas amid the crazy uni life I have. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and giving me feedback; I truly appreciate it all. Thank you, dearest ones!

From time to time, it’s very important to step back, reflect on your life and notice how life has been treating you. If it has been treating you good, then you become thankful and carry on doing what you’ve been doing. If it has been treating you bad, then you find out where it has gone wrong and get yourself back on the right track. Let me know in the comments below what you’re grateful for this Christmas; I’m very interested to know. Until tomorrow’s blogmas, cheers!


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