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The countdown to the 25th has ended and the wait is finally over; CHRISTMAS IS HERE! *turns on the lights of every Christmas tree in the world all at the same time* There will be lots of gift wrap tearing sounds, lots of chocolate being eaten, and lots of festive photos happily taken. In a parallel universe, in this early morning, I walk around the streets and houses to see families waking up and lighting up their tree to start their Christmas day.

My Christmas day is so far away from being festive in anyway… because of uni, I have a final exam tomorrow. So I won’t be eating any chocolate nor taking any festive photos, but I did open my Christmas presents. As you all know by now, I’ve never really properly celebrated Christmas before. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say that this year I’ve received my first ever Christmas presents. It did, however, come as a surprise to me because I never expected to receive a gift in the first place. I’ve received some Lush products, which I’ve been dying to get my hands on for a while since they don’t have a branch in Egypt. And I’ve received Bath and Body Works’ Japanese Cherry Blossom gift set; one of my favorite scents ever. Buying beauty products myself always makes me feel spoiled, so to receive them as gifts is making me feel very spoiled this Christmas. Someone has been on Santa’s good list, this year! *points at self*

So maybe I won’t be able to celebrate Christmas on the 25th but I’ll postpone my humble celebration to the day after Christmas day. I’ll take a shower using the beauty products I’ve received, put on my Christmas pajama, and watch Christmas movies and videos in bed. It doesn’t sound like much but I’m very excited to return home after my exam for that. It’s the coziest ending to my Christmas after the amount of work I’ve put into blogmas since mid-November.

I hope you’ve enjoyed blogmas as much as I did; it was such a fun tiring experience for me that I might consider doing again next year. My Christmas wouldn’t have been the same without writing blogmas. With that being said, a one and a half month worth of blog work, I’ll be taking the next month off blogging. There’ll only be one special post going up on the 8th of January to celebrate my first blog anniversary, and then I’ll be back to my normal blogging schedule on the 24th of January.

As this post goes live, you’ll all be starting your Christmas day so I hope you have a great one ahead of you. Let me know in the comments below one remarkable thing that happened to you this Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone, cheers!


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