Chocolate Cravings & Interiors

How many of you have ever stuck to their new year’s resolutions before? I mean, like really stuck to their list from day one to day 365. I’m guessing very few, and these few don’t include me haha. However, this year I’m willing to take my resolutions seriously and get my head in the game. I got a very sophisticated yet cool planner to sort out my life and plan ahead so I have no excuse to procrastinate now.


A very cliché resolution is to eat healthy and workout constantly. To be honest, I never thought I’d ever need to add that to my resolution list… just because I’m the kind of person who lives off sweets, chocolates, and junk food. We don’t usually cook healthy meals at home either so really I know nothing about eating healthy. The one time I was really determined to lose weight, I used to take smaller food portions and that alone did the trick for me back then. I tried to do the same thing for quite some time but I think I put on more weight instead. So I had to do it the old fashioned way and actually eat clean; that meant cutting out on sweets, chocolates, and all kinds of sugar. I’ve been following a healthy regime for almost 20 days now and it hasn’t been easy at all. When you’re the only person eating clean amongst your family while they feed on your favorite carb and sugar rich food, dieting becomes a hundred times harder. But I haven’t caved in yet nor would I ever (hopefully) so hats off to me because God knows how much of a sweet tooth I am! I mean, all I’ve been thinking about this whole week is a big bar of Maltesers chocolate and indulging on its perfectly made rice crisps. I could eat two whole bars right now, but instead I’m snacking on a bowl of chopped fruits.

Aside from eating clean, I’ve been trying to cook more rather than ordering food; and that’s another one of my resolutions. So far I’ve been doing a great job except for when I go out with my family. Since we’re currently on winter break, my family has been using this time off to go out more and try new places. This week, we’ve been out and about a lot and I cannot complain. The places we went to were a treat to both my eyes and tummy. I have an eye for detail so beautiful interiors instantly make me happy and joyous. If I love the interiors but I don’t love the food as much, I’d probably stop by that place again anyway. The other day, there was this beautiful glass wall at a restaurant next to a seated table that I wanted to take a photo of, that I literally waited for the people to finish their food so I could take the picture. Photos keep memories from getting lost, and that was one I wanted to keep forever; a memory of a beautiful interior and an enjoyable night with my family.



I still have one week left in my winter break and so my family and I are going away for a little while. I’m so excited to take more photos and make more memories in new places. My camera and I are ready to document the moments. I hope your week was even better than mine, and that you can fill in your cravings whenever you want. Let me know in the comments below what the highlight of your week was. Enjoy your weekend!


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