Family Portrait & 21 Books

For the past few weeks, I’ve tried not to be such a whiner about starting the new semester soon and I think I did a good job (at least online). And I’d like to think not groaning at uni as much as I used to helped a little in getting through the first week of this semester. I recalled my full on positive uni attitude that I pulled on last semester and somehow enjoyed my time at uni… that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t jump at the first opportunity to be home schooled if I ever could though.

So yeah, I’m back to uni and I wish I could say I had the last first day at it too just like most of my school mates. I had to pick a major that is one year longer than most of the other majors, didn’t I? Ugh. *shaking off the negative vibes* Seriously though, I’m happy to be back so that time flies me to my senior year which I’ve been counting down for since literally the first ever uni day. Also, it’s always nice to see my uni mates after a long vacation and catch up with them. I find it refreshing to know what other people have been up to even if they weren’t by any means productive. Speaking of productivity, we did manage to take a girls-only group photo in the early morning and I love it – the highlight of the first week back.

A family portrait of future pharmacists

The real highlight of my whole week though was going to the annual book fair and literally buying 21 books. To be honest, twelve of them are mine and the other nine are going to be shared with my brother, but I bought enough to reach cloud nine! Ever since I did the Harry Potter movie marathon, my brother and I have been trying to get our hands on the whole set of books; today we finally got them. Now the challenge of whether I’ll be able to read a fantasy-based book or not begins. I mean, I love the movies and all but I have never been able to finish a book that wasn’t either romance or drama-based. I’m putting reading the HP books off until summer though so I’ll have time to read the other books I got and not rush into the challenge. There’s a book I bought called Milk & Honey that I’m so excited to read; it’s a collection of poetry about various aspects of life. I went through it quickly when I was at the book fair and I remember it made me feel so vulnerable, I had to buy it! There were a few books I bought based on Zoe’s book club, and others based on their catchy synopsis; have a look through my choices maybe you’ll find something you like.


Because I added a huge number of books to my book collection, I moved them all to a bigger book shelf and you cannot imagine how happy I was about that. I’m still genuinely happy and sleep deprived; with the new semester kicking in, the early mornings, and the book fair trip, I still haven’t fully recharged my energy after my Luxor and Aswan trip. Hopefully, next week I’ll get enough sleep. *fingers crossed* I hope your week was even better than mine and you enjoyed at least one day of it to the fullest. Let me know in the comments below what the one thing that helps you reach cloud nine is; I’d really like to know. Enjoy your weekend, and cheers!


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3 thoughts on “Family Portrait & 21 Books

    1. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about Gone Girl, mostly because of the ending so I’m intrigued to read it and form my own opinion. EXCITED to read all of the books; currently done with one so 20 other to go hahaha.


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