Posh Planner & 11K Views

I feel like the past week has gone by me so fast yet somehow I still enjoyed each day in its own time. I don’t know if that was because of my now more organized life thanks to my posh planner, or my daily urge to adjust my sleep schedule. It could be something else as well; I really have no idea, but whatever it was, it has definitely made my life easier.

In the past week, I read almost two books, I worked out a few times, I showered before 8 am twice, I posted daily on Instagram (which is something I find difficult), I dressed nicely every day of the week, and of course I attended my classes. On the other hand, I had two breakdowns concerning my future after graduation, I failed to maintain a healthy diet for longer than a day, and I almost missed the uni bus every day of the week. So yeah, my week had its ups and downs but as long as I had it all planned out on paper, it seemed more survivable.


My best friend once read an online article that said “when you write down your thoughts on paper, you make room for new ones to generate in your mind”; and that’s exactly what I think happened last week. I wrote down everything I had to do last week in my planner, and that unawarely made my mind less crowded, thus my week felt more survivable. I was also much more productive and much less procrastinative. So we’re two months into the new year, and I can already say that my investment in a posh red planner doesn’t seem like a waste of money now, ha? *touches wood*

Another thing that I’ve been investing in so much of my time, effort, and money into is my blog. I’ve had my blog for over a year now, and even though it isn’t growing as fast as one would hope, it’s still growing and for that I’m thankful. In the past week, I reached 11K total blog views and that is a milestone that needs to be addressed. 11K views means that there has been a total of 11K times of people checking and reading my work. It means that there have been people constantly keeping up with my blog because they actually like what I write. And that means a lot for someone who hopes to become a best-selling author; to know that there are people out there who are actually interested in what I write. So to everyone who is reading this right now, to everyone who texted or stopped me at uni just to let me know how much they like my writings, and to everyone who has showed me their absolute support in any way, thank you so much for helping me get to here. I truly appreciate it, and I hope my writings never fail to interest you.

Speaking of interesting things, I’m currently reading a book called Wonder by R. J. Palacio. It’s a book I wasn’t sure I’d like since it isn’t my kind of genre to read but it caught my attention from the very first page. I mean, it turned out to be a children’s novel but the various aspects it discusses is such an eye opener for all years of age. I’m only halfway through it but I’ve already decided that Wonder will be one of the books I read to my children. So that’s basically what I’m going to be doing this weekend, continue reading my book. I hope your previous week was even more productive than mine, and that you enjoy your weekend. Let me know in the comments below one book you’ve read that was an eye opener for you; I’d be very interested to give it a read. Cheers!


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6 thoughts on “Posh Planner & 11K Views

  1. Hi Nour – I just found this post via Twitter and am inspired to say congratulations on meeting this blog milestone and on your ongoing endeavours to improve both the blog and yourself!

    I am also a new blogger but am struggling to find the time to post regularly. I have two day jobs and a young family, so managing everything is quite a challenge!

    I have read the Miracle Morning as well as The 5AM Miracle, and both are good value if you are trying to kickstart an early morning routine. I think the idea of rituals to get the day started in a good way is really important and helpful.

    Congratulations again and good luck with ongoing efforts!

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    1. Hey Mark,
      Thank you so much for checking my post and taking the time to comment too. I truly appreciate it!
      During my first year of blogging, I found it so hard to keep up with my posting schedule, which was twice a week, and I beat myself up every time I missed a post. That happened a lot… However, this year I had to put an end to missing posts by coming with a posting system that suits my lifestyle. I think you should do the same too; be realistic when you decide on your posting schedule though, and don’t challenge yourself too. Also, if you wish, changing the blog category/type of posts you write about could help – it certainly helped me. Because I’m sure you know that consistency is like the number one rule if you want your blog to grow.
      I really have to check out that Miracle thing because it isn’t the first time I’ve heard about it. Anyway, thank you again for leaving a comment, and good luck with time management. Let me know if you need any advice; I’d be more than happy to help. 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on meeting a milestone i bet it fees wonderful.
    Is it the Miracle morning routine you are trying to follow i saw a few videos on youtube about it and looks like it is worth a try xx

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    1. Thank you, Holly! 💕 It feels sooo amazing.
      No, I haven’t heard of the Miracle morning routine until now. I should probably go check that out though. For me though, I just focus on planning ahead and managing my time. Hope that helps. Let me know if need more details of how I’ve been on top my things atm. xx

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  3. Congratulations on reaching 11k blog views! I just reached 3, 000 and am honestly over the moon. It’s so nice to know that people are interested in what you have to say, and it’s a good motivation to keep going, even on the bad days. You’ll be at 100, 000 views before you know it!

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    1. Thank you, lovely! Yes, you guys really get my blog hopes and expectations up everytime my stats get bigger. 100K? WOW! That would be amazing but it’s going to take a while. :’) Congratulations on your 3K, beautiful! Here is to more blog milestones for us both. 🍻💕


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