Take Me to Hawaii

If my week were a person, it’d have been overwhelmed with mixed feelings. Last week was kind of a rollercoaster; shifting between studying for exams, chillaxing in bed after uni, losing myself in a world created by Collen Hoover, listening to Ed Sheeran’s album on repeat, and daydreaming of all future summer vacations.

My favorite YouTuber, Roman Atwood, has just returned back from a 10-day family holiday in Hawaii, and boy did it look SO enjoyable through just his camera lens! Not only was literally all his family members there, but he also took some amazing drone footage of Maui. I’m officially hooked on to Maui that I’ve never been this determined to visit a place like Hawaii before. I’m a sucker for both family activities and holiday spots, so you can understand how I’ve quickly fallen in love with a place like that through a digital lens.

It blows my mind how a simple thing like an online video, a book, or even a song can completely change your mood in a blink of an eye! Happiness truly lies in the simple pleasures of life. I haven’t been anywhere the past week (except for yesterday) and I’ve been happy. The little time of my week that I dedicated to reading a book, watching a movie or a vlog, listening to heartfelt songs, and talking to my loved one were all enough to push me through a stressful time at uni with a smile on my face.

Speaking of smiling, I was all smiles yesterday when I was watching “Beauty & the Beast”. It’s the famous Disney story of a belle who falls in love with a cursed beast that we all know the ending of. But it’s just so nice to see a childhood story turn to life in a very magical way. I was literally sitting at a corner of the movie theatre and all I really wanted to do was cuddle up with my loved one; it’s such a cozy movie!

You know what else can make one feel cozy? Hawaii. If any travel agency is reading this post, please hook me up with a Hawaii trip and I’ll make sure to capture its beauty for my readers to see. I’m kind of a word wizard who just needs some Hawaiian inspiration to rock that blog. *puppy face* I hope your week was filled with happiness and optimism just like mine was. Let me know in the comments below which travel destination you’re so determined to go to, and don’t forget to push through your day with a smile! Have a happy weekend, lovely people. Huli pau (that’s cheers in Hawaiian language)!


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