One Year to Go

Last week was all about senior class celebrations, and while I was so happy to see my lifetime best friend graduate Pharmacy school, I was excited to start the countdown for my own graduation; one year left. I still have zero solid plans to what I’m going to do post graduation, but I look forward to coming up with one. Surely it’ll be no fun, disappointing and dream-crushing at times, but hopefully I’ll end up on the right track.

Now isn’t the time to think about stressful future plans; now is the time to enjoy the Easter break before finals hit hard. I’ve been binge-watching “13 Reasons Why” for two days now, and haven’t it been for my short family trip, I’d have finished the show by now. I love it! I love the storyline, and the powerful moral of the show. I look forward to going back home and watching the remaining three episodes. I have a feeling that this show will make it to my list of favorite shows.

The show is probably the main reason why I want to go back home, but I’ve been feeling home sick even before I left home. How is that possible? How is it possible to feel home sick when I’m just going away for less than a week? Is that adulthood? I’ve never been the kind of person who’d turn down a holiday because they’re too attached to their household.

Speaking of houses, I wish I lived in a beach house so I could have enjoyed the summer sun that took over Egypt earlier last week. I loved the heat, the summer clothes, and the summer vibes. All I craved for was the beach, the pool, and ice cream cones. So one day I hope I live in a beach house where I could enjoy the summer sun while eating an ice cream cone with my bottom in the sea water.

As soon as the Easter break ends, tough uni times begin. But for the sake of looking at the bright side, this also means that we’ll be soon enjoying the summer vacation. Yay! I hope you enjoy your Easter break and make the best out of it while you can. Happy Easter, everyone!


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